Three days of national and international campaign ended with a great victory tonight when we all received the news that the execution of Habibollah Latifi, a young Kurdish Iranian activist was not carried out as scheduled by the Islamic Regime.

According to news from various human rights activists in Iran, hundreds of activists, and families of political prisoners joined the Latifi family in front of the central Sanandaj Prison, and protested against the execution of Mr. Latifi.

While there was also a strong international campaign in support of Mr. Latifi, I strongly believe that it was the presence of brave people of Sanandaj in front of the prison that forced the Regime to back down and not carry out the execution.

This has been a great victory for us all, and although we should all take a moment to enjoy and celebrate our victory, let us not forget the fact that the death sentence for Mr. Latifi is still in effect and can be carried out at any time. Let us also remember that at least 16 other Kurdish activists are currently awaiting execution, and so the campaigns need to continue.

Let us also remember that while the execution of Mr. Latifi has been temporarily halted, there is only one way to make sure Habib’s are not executed for their political beliefs, the only way is total and complete Regime change. Tonight people of Sanandaj gave a clear example that they have the power to force the Regime to back down, this is a great sign of hope for all of us. I hope this movement that started tonight in Sanandaj will continue and spread to other cities in Iran. That is the only way to permanently stop the Regime from committing its atrocities.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and encourage everyone to take a moment to celebrate our victory, then we can go back to working hard and making sure there are many more victories such as this one.

My thoughts are with Habib and his family tonight.

Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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