At least 20 Kurdish activists including Habibollah Latifi’s family members have been arrested in the last day by security forces in Sanandaj.

Last Night 20 Kurdish activists were arrested in the city of Sanandaj and were taken to unknown locations. Those arrested include: Mr. Pedram Nasrollahi, Mr. Hashem Rostami, Mr. Zahed Mradiyan, Mr. Mahmood Mahmoodi, Mr. Saeed Saedi, Mr. Hamid Malek Alklami, Ms. Simin Chayichi, Mr. Vahed Majidi, Mr. Jian Zafari, Mr. Abbas Latifi, father of Habibollah Latifi, Three of Habibollah's brothers, Three of Habibollah's sisters, the wife of Habib’s brother and five other activists, at least one of them a woman. Also there is news that Mr. Mokhtar Zarei a student activist has also disappeared.

According to reliable news coming from Iran close to 50 security forces attacked the residence of Habibollah Latifi’s family and by using force and pepper spray arrested Mr. Latifi’s family members and other activists who were present in their home at the time. The only family member that was not arrested was Mr. Latifi’s 10 year old sister Bahareh.

Further according to Sene News, Afshin Sheykhol-Eslami, Yahya Ghavami two former political prisoners and Hiva Masoudi have “disappeared.”

According to news from Campaign in Support of Political and Social Prisoners the internet in the city of Sanandaj and surrounding cities has slowed down to the point where it is impossible so send any files through email. Security forces can be seen all around the city of Sanandaj in order to stop any further protests, however activists have still gathered in front of the Court and the Sanandaj Prison demanding to obtain information about those recently arrested.

It is clear from this recent wave of arrests in Sanandaj that the Regime is once again trying create an atmosphere of fear and terror among Kurdish activists in response to the large protest in support of Habibollah Latifi in front of the Sanandaj Prison Saturday night.

Habibollah Latifi a 29 year old Kurdish student and activist was scheduled to be executed early Sunday morning because of his political views and activities. Along with wide spread international campaigns, the brave people of Sanandaj were able to prevent the Regime from carrying out the execution by gathering in large numbers in front of the Central Sanandaj Prison and protesting.

It must be noted that although the execution of Habibollah Latifi was not carried out Sunday morning, the death sentence is still in effect and can be carried out at any moment.

Now there is further concern for the safety and well being of Mr. Latifi’s family and all other activists who have been arrested in the past day.

I urge all human rights organizations, activists and international organizations to continue the campaign to save Mr. Latifi and support his family and other Kurdish activists who have been recently arrested.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran



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