I came across a very amusing news article titled “Iran Warns Against Canada Travel” in Press TV website today. As many of my readers may be aware Press TV is closely linked to the Islamic Regime and follows and carries out the Regime propaganda.

I found the article amusing because a government like Islamic Regime which is a government of fear, terror, imprisonment, rape, torture and murder is criticizing Canada and the Canadian Government. The article among other things states “Many Muslims, particularly Iranians, are deprived of their social and political rights and Canadian police have proved to be incapable of following the cases filed by Iranians residing in Canada, the statement added.”

As a lawyer I have the opportunity to witness democracy and Justice in the Canadian courtrooms everyday and feel fortunate to be living in a country with due process, right to legal counsel, right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, right to remain silent and so many other rights which does not exist within the Islamic Regime’s so called “judicial system.”

The irony of this article is that if the Canadian Embassy in Tehran decided to give out visa’s to ordinary Iranians they would be flocking to the Embassy, as many Iranians are eager to get out of Iran which has become a big prison for most Iranians.

This article is not to be taken seriously because it is SERIOUSLY OBSURD, I wonder what will be next, Saudi Arabia criticizing women’s rights in Canada?

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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