As many fellow Torontonians may be aware one of the social housing buildings on Toronto caught fire on Friday ( September 24th 2010) forcing 1200 residents to be evacuated from their homes. There is concern that the fire has made parts of the apartment building’s structure unsafe. Until the building is deemed to be safe, 1200 residents will remain homeless.

According to various news reports around 800 of the residents have been able to make alternative arrangements to meet their needs by staying with friends and family, however there are still 400 people who are in need of help. This includes elderly citizens, as well as families with children and pets.

About 250 individuals are staying at Wellesley Community Centre while 150 of them are housed at McCaul Street. These people have been left with no change of clothes, no warm clothing, toiletries and children are left without school supplies and all other necessities.

I know many of us may be busy with our own lives and may not even have heard about this latest tragedy in our own city, so I am hoping to bring everyone’s attention to this matter and urge Torontonians to do what they can to help these individuals who have been left temporarily homeless through no fault of their own.

I understand CLOTHING, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, TOILETRIES and other necessities can be dropped off at 519 Church Street between 9:00am to 9:00pm from Monday to Friday and from 10:00am to 5:00pm on the weekend.


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