Over the past 17 years I have come to call Canada my home. My family and I have been able to have a new beginning in Canada, away from the tyranny and oppression of the Islamic Regime in Iran. I’ve come to realize that Canada is a country that provides numerous opportunities, as long as you are willing to work hard and take advantage of them.

Canada has given me the opportunity to complete a BA, graduate from law school and become a successful defence lawyer, while at the same time allowing me to stay true to my beliefs and ideas, allowing me to actively pursue my cause which is democracy and Regime change in Iran.

I am so grateful to be living in this country where I can speak my mind and not have to worry about Regime Agents kidnapping me in the middle of the night and taking me to unknown locations. I have no doubt that if I had stayed in Iran, today I would either be in prison or dead, and so I am even more grateful for the amazing life that I have in Canada.

I wish everyone a very happy Canada Day.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor


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