Sakine Mohammadi is a 43 years old Iranian woman who was sentenced to being stoned to death by the Islamic Regime in Iran for having an “illicit” relationship. Ms. Sakine Mohammadi has had to endure the punishment of flogging (99 lashes) and has been in prison for the past five years.

Due to wide scale international pressure the Islamic Regime ambassador in London issued a statement denying the fact that Ms. Mohammadi- Ashtiani will be stoned to death; however Ms. Mohammadi is still in prison and at risk of imminent execution.

There has been a call by International Committee Against Stoning and International Committee Against Executions to declare July 24th International Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani Day, and take to the streets where ever we are at 2:00pm to voice our support for Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani and to voice our abhorrence against the barbaric practice of stoning used by the Islamic Regime.

There will be protest in front of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa from 12:00pm-3pm on Saturday July 24th 2010 which I will be attending, however I think it is crucial to keep a few things in mind.

1. For every Sakine Mohammadi Ashtiani that we know about there are tens that we don’t know about who may be secretly executed or stoned to death at any moment.

2. For every political prisoner we know about who is currently facing execution there are tens or maybe hundreds that we do not know about and will never find out about.

3. Focusing on one person or one case at a time is never enough for above stated reasons and it is crucial to focus on the cause of the problem, the root which is the Islamic Regime.

There is only one way to make sure no woman in Iran will ever be stoned again, no political prisoner will be raped or tortured or executed, and that the law will be used to protect the people rather than to oppress them. The only way is Regime Change.

So while I will be participating in the protest to bring awareness about Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani’s situation as well as to shed light on the issue of stoning in Iran, I will also keep in mind the fact that there are many Ms. Mohammadi Ashtiani’s in Iran and the only way to help them all is to focus on total and complete Regime Change in Iran. I hope everyone else will keep this in mind as well.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Date: July 24th 2010
Location: Canadian Parliament-Ottawa, Canada
Time: 12:00-3:00pm


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