We are fast approaching July 9th which marks the 11th year anniversary of the July 9th (18 Tir) 1999 pro-democracy student demonstration in Iran.

The 18 Tir demonstrations were originally triggered when a reformist newspaper “Salam” was banned from publication. As a reaction to the peaceful protests Regime Agents attacked the student dormitories in Tehran University where they beat and arrested hundreds of students and turned the dormitories into a blood bath. At least one student was murdered by Regime Agents when he was thrown off the dormitory balcony.

The students reacted to this brutal attack to the dormitories by organizing mass pro-democracy protests which quickly took a radical turn towards Regime change and away from reform. Thousands of ordinary freedom loving Iranians joined the students on the streets for the next five days, when Iran saw the largest pro-democracy demonstrations since the Revolution in 1979. Quickly it became very clear that the movement had nothing to do with reform and was about Regime change and democracy in Iran.

Thousands of students were arrested and charged with, among other things “risking national security.” Akbar Mohammadi was one of the students who was arrested and sentenced to death for his involvement in the peaceful demonstrations. Due to overwhelming international pressure his sentence was eventually reduced to 15 years of imprisonment. Unfortunately Akbar Mohammadi died under very suspicious circumstances on August 2nd 2006, in the notorious Evin Prison while he was on a hunger strike.

It is widely believed that he was murdered by the Regime Agents because throughout 7 years of imprisonment and the most brutal torture imaginable he refused to back down and refused to cooperate with the Regime in anyway.

The 18 Tir pro-democracy demonstrations has been perhaps one of the only significant pro-democracy events in the past 31 years that has not been tainted by the concept of reform, and has always been about democracy and Regime Change.

It is therefore extremely unfortunate and even opportunistic on part of some of the Toronto “activists” who have taken upon themselves to organize an event inviting a very well known reformist Mashallah Abbas-Zadeh in a desperate attempt to link the 18 Tir pro-democracy demonstrations to the reformist movement.

Having said that, as hard as these individuals might try, they will not be successful, because 18 Tir movement was a movement with a pure yet strong intention. Akbar Mohammadi sacrificed his life in order to pave the way for a democratic Iran. Behrouz Tehrani sacrificed his youth in order to pave the way for a democratic Iran. It would have been very easy for either one of these individuals to cooperate with the Regime as many well known “student leaders” have done, and live a comfortable life in Los Angeles or Washington, however the path for a democratic Iran is paved with people like Akbar and Behrouz and thousands of other freedom loving Iranians who will not compromise their beliefs and ideas for money or fame or anything else.

That is the reason why these “activists” in Toronto or anywhere else will never be successful in tainting this strong and historic pro-democracy movement. I condemn any opportunistic attempt by certain “activists” in Toronto to use this historic day to further their pro-reformist agenda.

In memory of Akbar Mohammadi and all other freedom loving Iranians who have sacrificed their lives for a free and democratic Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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