Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the murder of an innocent young woman Neda Agha-Soltan by the Islamic Regime agents in Iran. Neda was shot to death on the streets of Tehran while participating in a peaceful protest, in the aftermath of the Iranian presidential [s]elections. After her death it became clear that Neda had not voted and did not support any of the candidates. She joined the protests because she wanted freedom for the Iranian people. In the past year Neda’s beautiful and innocent face has become the symbol of freedom and hope for the Iranian people.

Yesterday many Iranians gathered in the Mel Lastman Square in Toronto, between 5-7pm to commemorate the memory of Neda and thousands of other innocent, freedom loving people who have lost their lives in order to help create a free and secular Iran.

The highlight of the program was two great speeches by Caspian Makan, Neda’s fiancé and a human rights activist, as well as a speech by Amir Abbas Fakhravar a well known political activist and the Secretary General of the Confederation of the Iranian Students who travelled from Washington to take part in this event.

Mr. Fakhravar’s speech can be seen here; I was quite impressed with his speech which focused on unity of the Iranian people, which I also think is extremely important.

It was a beautiful event and a great way to remember Neda and thousands of others who have lost their lives at the hands of the Islamic Regime in the past 31 years. It is important not only to remember these brave and freedom loving individuals, but to also continue on their path for a free, secular and democratic Iran.

In the memory of all innocent people who have lost their lives on the road for freedom and democracy,

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

In the picture above: Amir Fakhravar, Caspian Makan, Saghar Kasrai, Sayeh Hassan


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