It seems the public pressure put on the organizers has worked as the event has officially been cancelled, at least for now.

The organizers had created a page for their event on facebook called Media Myths in Iran. I had joined the group in order obtain more information. Last night the organizers sent out an email through their facebook page stating that because of numerous emails they had received and because of a large number of students and ordinary people opposing this event they no longer were able to handle this event and that they would be handing it over to two larger organizations, one of them Muslims for Peace and that most likely the event would be cancelled.

I received a second email about an hour later which stated that the event had in fact been cancelled, the reason was cited as the great demand by many students to attend this event ( forgetting about the email they had sent an hour before). The email indicated that the event would be cancelled for now in order to give the organizers the opportunity to book a bigger venue for the event.

But looking at the original email that was sent out by this group it was clear that the public pressure worked and they were forced to cancel the event, after all not too many people want to be associated with Ahmadinejad and Islamic Regime these days. Maybe with the exception of Phil Wilayto. This is a great victory for all pro-democracy Iranians who worked really hard to try to expose this event for what it really was. A pro-Islamic Regime anti-peace and anti-democratic event.

There is a small chance that this event may go forward at a future date and we must all keep our eyes and ears open for that. For all my friends who worked really hard to prepare handouts and flyers, please keep them!! We might need them in the near futures.

Good job everyone

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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