The following is a news report from Women of Azarmehr Organization.

According to news received from Rajaishahr (Gohardasht) Prison Mr. Mansour Osanlou, the President of the Executive Committee of the Syndicate of Workers of Theran and Suburbs Bus Company (Tehran Bus Company) is currently in the common ward of the Section one of the Rajaishahr Prison.

Mr. Osanlou has been in prison since July of 2007 because of his union activities which include organizing worker strikes and protests for the Tehran Bus Company Workers.

According to news received today from Rajaishahr Prison Mr. Osanlou is currently in the common ward of Section one of this prison. Section one is also known as “the torture chamber, dog house and the end of the road.”

Although common ward does not have solitary cells and the doors of the cells are open during some parts of the day, the condition of this section is still quite poor. Very little food is given to prisoners and there are about six prisoners per each small cell. The cells are searched on a regular basis and the personal belongings of the prisoners are confiscated. Also it is important to note that the majority of prisoners in this section are those who have been convicted of committing serious criminal offences including robbery and murder.

Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani is another prisoner in this section of the prison. He spent close to six months in solitary confinement in Section one of the prison and was subjected to brutal torture. Mr. Tehrani is a pro-democracy activist who has spent the greater part of the past 10 years in Islamic Regime Prisons.

There is great concern for the health and well being of these two prisoners. Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan urge all human rights organizations to take up the case of these two activists and to put pressure on the Islamic Regime and ask for their immediate and unconditional release.


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