According to news I just received from sources close to Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani, he has been transferred to the common ward of the Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) Prison and is doing well. For those who may not have been following Mr. Tehrani’s situation he was taken to Section 1 (also known as dog house and torture chambers) of Gohardasht prison more than two months ago and subjected to brutal torture. There was great concern for his well being as Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison is also known as “the end of the road”.

It is with great relief that I announce that he no longer faces that danger, at least not at the present time.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    A Season of Redemption- Freedom for the Iranian People

    With absolute faith in God and Humanity, I survive my days in hopes that on my last one, I will have left this world a better place. I type these words with the desire of reaching the Iranian people. I will send this letter to every international media outlet available, with the faith that it will not fall on deaf ears and that you will be given the opportunity for it to indeed penetrate your hearts.

    As a citizen of this world, I have been blessed with the following words, written in the blood, tears, and struggle of men with unwavering faith and resolve:

    “We hold these truths to be
    self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”

    Yet comfort and peace evade me, when in this late age, there are still those who I cannot share this gift with. This gift of god given rights is non- negotiable, it is not subject to compromise by any government of man, nor should you ever oblige to beg for it. It is yours for the taking, peacefully or by force….

    In recent weeks and months, the world has witnessed the Iranian spirit and righteousness of you who long for freedom. You, who are ambassadors of hope in a world that god knows longs for it. You, who are as lions, ready to tear through the chains of oppression and injustice of a self serving tyrannical government.

    Woe to those who use fear, corruption, and lies in order to control the hearts and minds of their people. Woe to those politicians who are false in the name of god, and invoke his name in the course of manipulation. Finally, Woe to Dictator Khamenei and his puppet Ahmadinejad, who stir up hate for your neighbors and fellow man, in attempt to blind you from the truth at hand. The truth, that once in for all, your time has come.

    Change in Iran, can only stem from the roots of the same determination and spirit which world has witnessed in your people of recent. The same determination in which Neda gave up her spirit to god in heaven as she was martyred for the greatest of all causes, freedom. So you face a struggle in which each and every one of you can choose between 2 roads. You must decide how you want to be served your current cup of injustice, torture, censorship, and deferred dreams…..

    On your knees or standing up?

    Both choices may end with you laying down, but only will give you honor and glory. Only one will give your children the choices, freedom and happiness that you never had. Only one will give you justice for the unthinkable crimes that your government has committed against your people. Only one will give you freedom.

    In closing, I say to you this:
    Dare to dream of better days for the sake of your people. Rage against hate and injustice. Rise up as one voice, and remove from power, these tyrants, these murderers of children, these desecraters of all that is good….by any means necessary.
    Fear not death in the pursuit of a divine cause of god. For the time of freedom in Iran is near. This is your destiny. This is your Season of Redemption….

    One of many that stand with you,
    Robert M. Leggett

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