This is picture that has been circulating on the internet for a few days, it shows a protest in Iran where a protestor is holding up a sign which reads “We are Lions and the Sun is Behind Us”, a very clear reference to the national Lion and Sun Flag.

People in Iran are not free to hold up any flag they wish and walk freely in the streets. In fact they are not free to protest in the first place and we have seen how the Regime has reacted to peaceful protestors. It is unimaginable what they would do to someone who might be holding up a Lion and Sun Flag. However this does not mean that people in Iran don’t believe in the Lion and Sun Flag.

Many of those who support Mousavi and the Islamic Regime abroad have tried to prevent people from bringing Lion and Sun Flags to protests by saying Iranian people don’t want the Lion and Sun Flag. There are two major problems with that argument.

During the 1979 Revolution nobody had a clue that Khomeini would go and change the National Flag. There was no referendum, and the Iranian people did not get to choose the current Islamic Regime’s Flag which does not represent the Iranian people.

The second problem with this argument is the fact that people are not free to express themselves in Iran, and therefore even if they wanted to carry the Lion and Sun Flag during protests they can’t do it without risking their lives.

In comes this picture, a protestor carrying this sign which is a clear reference to the Lion and Sun Flag, if someone in Iran can carry this sign and face all the consequences, we can surely do the same...

Down With the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran


  1. Anonymous said...
    Some people are simply uninformed about Lion and Sun. They think that it is a creation of Pahlavis and thus endangers their still beloved ISLAMIC republic. That is called fanaticism and brought up only by those who want to replace iranian identity with an islamic identity..

    I am surprised that even self-proclaimed leaders such as Mr. Ganji is not aware that Ferdowsi talks about Lion and Sun in his epic of 1000 years ago, and lion and sun may go back millenniums before any of us 'mixed race' residents of iran existed.

    There are few things that go hand in hand with iranian identity and are not subject to any compromise or even voting, such as the name of Iran, the Persian language, and the Lion and Sun emblem.

    Payandeh Iran!
    Anonymous said...
    hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

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