Freedom loving people in Toronto will gather every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in front of the Iranian plaza in solidarity with the Iranian people. This is a completely independent movement and is not organized by any political group or organization. People and groups are welcome, with any ideology, any sign or flag as long as they agree on one fundamental issue, which is being against the Islamic Regime in Iran.

We will be there, we will be present and we will stand in solidarity with the Iranian people.

When: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Location: Iranian Plaza, Yonge and Steeles
Time: 6-9pm

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

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  1. Real estate blogger said...
    Oh, what an admirable and generous idea. Hopefully people of Toronto will support this and show Ahmadinejad what they think about him and his regime. Iranian people certainly do deserve this, excellent. Best regards, Elli.

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