According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, demonstrators gathered in various areas in Iran including Enghelab Square, Vali Asr Square, FAtemi Squre, and Vanak today, shouting “death to the dictator.”

Thousands of people also gathered in Baharestan Square also shouting “death to the dictator.” In Saedi Street people who were driving their cars were honking their horns in solidarity with the protestors. Protestors were also “booing” the security forces as they moved forward with their protest.

At least 16 people have been arrested so far, at least three of them in Baharestan Square. The security forces also tried to arrest a woman who was shouting “death to Ahmadinejad” however other protestors interfered and did not allow the security forces to arrest this woman.

In addition to the usual Basij forces, Sepah and non-uniform security forces there was also a group of Regime thugs who were wearing all black, and attacking the protestors. Despite violent attacks by security forces protestors continued to protest and shouted “death to dictator.”

Translated by Sayeh Hassan


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