Following is the translation of an interview conducted by “Committee of Reporters of Human Rights” with the family of Mr. Alireza Davoudi, who recently died, quite possibly due to the torture he had been subjected to in Islamic Regime Prisons.

Mr. Davoudi was expelled from university due to his political activities. He was arrested on February 12th 2009 in the city of Esfehan. He was released on April 25th 2009 on a 100 million Tooman bail. He died on July 29th 2009 at the age of 26.

Mr. Davoudi was the spokesperson for the “students for freedom and equality” in the city of Esfehan, the editor of the student publication “Rahe Khaki” in Esfehan University as well as an organizer and speaker in numerous protests in support of women and workers.

According to Mr. Davoudi’s mother Mr. Davoudi was psychologically tortured to an extent that he had nightmares every night after his release from prison. Although he never spoke to his mother about the physical torture he had undergone while in prison, the signs of torture and burnt cigarettes on his hands were clearly visible until the day he died. Mr. Davoudi also told his dad that he had been hung upside down for three (3) days as another form of torture.

Mr. Davoudi’s father further stated that after his release Mr. Davoudi suffered from mental health problems and had to be hospitalized. While in the hospital Mr. Davoudi’s health had improved, he did not have any physical problems and his psychological health had also improved greatly.

However when Mr. Davoudi’s aunt called the hospital on July 29th 2009 to speak to Mr. Davoudi, she was informed that he had suffered a stroke and died!!

Mr. Davoudi’s father believes that there may have been something more to Mr. Davoudi’s stroke and expressed concern that the family was not notified immediately about Mr. Davoudi’s heart attack and death. He believes further investigation is necessary into Mr. Davoudi’s death in order to obtain some satisfactory answers.

In conclusion Mr. Davoudi’s father stated that on the day of Mr. Davoudi’s funeral he was contacted by the Islamic Regime official in charge of Mr. Davoudi’s case, and warned not to make a big deal at the funeral. He also warned that he would be contacting the Davoudi family again.

Edit: I seem to have made a mistake on paragraph 7 writing "heart attack instead of stroke, I have just edited that mistake."

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan


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