Communication with foreign media, providing them with pictures and news about the protests are some of the charges faced by the accused.

By providing pictures and news to the foreign media about the protests, these individuals played a major role in manipulating public opinion, especially of those anti-Islamic Regime Iranians abroad.

The accused have confessed that they received money in return for providing pictures and news to Foreign media.

Majid Saeedi the son of Naser, one of the arrested photojournalists has stated:

“ I was present during the “illegal” demonstrations which took place at Enghelab Square, Azadi Square, Hafte Tir Square, Vali Asr Square and Baharestan Square. I took pictures durig these “illegal” protests and sent the pictures to an anti Revolutionary group Marzeporgohar in United States, Gitty Agency in England and Office of Sipah in France.”

The accused has also confessed that he was to receive $225 in return for the pictures. The accused did not have permission to take pictures from protests.

Given the seriousness of these allegations there is great concern for Mr. Saeedi’s safety.


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