Recently it has come to my attention that IRNA, Islamic Regime’s official news Agency has supposedly quoted me in one of their articles. As I am extremely busy in the next few days I do not have the time to write a detailed article about this situation, however I wanted to make a quick note and stress the fact that the quotations used in this article are completely made up, and do not reflect anything I have ever written. A quick search of my blog Shiro-Khorshid-Forever will bring the reader to the same conclusion.

In essence this is Islamic Regime’s attempt to try to tarnish my reputation, by having readers believe that the Islamic Regime agrees with my point of few to the point where they have quoted me. My stand against the Islamic Regime has always been very clear, I am against the Islamic Regime as a whole, not just Ahmadinejad and Khamanei, but the entire Regime, including murderers like Mousavi and Khatami.

If the Islamic Regime has felt the need to try to tarnish my reputation in this way, I can only take this as a compliment and as a sign that I must be doing something right.

Please stay tuned for a detailed article on this issue, both in English and Farsi. In the meantime if there are any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Last night (August 29th 2009) I attended a rally for human rights violations in Iran. The event started at 5pm at the intersection of Yonge and Bloor, there was to be a human chain from the corner of Yonge/Bloor all the way to Bloor/St. George, and was organized in memory of political prisoners who were mass murdered in the summer of 1988.

Although there were some “green” Mousavi (Islamic Regime) supporters present, there were also many freedom loving pro-democracy people like myself as well who had the Lion and Sun Flag and various signs. I was carrying a sign which said “There is no Islamic in my Iranian Republic, Down with the Islamic Regime.”

Although the organizers which included “Solidarity with Iran” had encouraged silence during the rally, many pro-democracy individuals were shouting anti Islamic Regime slogans such as “Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran, Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Islamic Regime must go and United Nations, you must pay attention.”

We walked from Yonge/Bloor to Bloor and St. George while shouting above noted slogans. There was a candle vigil organized at Hart House (University of Toronto) which is located on St. George and Bloor. This event began around 7:30pm, where two of the families of those who had been executed in the summer of 1988 made speeches. Candles were lit in memory of those who lost their lives during the mass executions in the summer of 1988.

It was wonderful to see so many Iranians come together and stand side by side, with different flags and different signs to remember those who lost their lives for a free Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

I have been receiving an overwhelming amount of supportive emails in the past few months, especially in response to some of my articles about the pro-reform (so called Green) activities going on in Toronto. I have not had a chance to read and respond to all emails, as I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks; however I wanted to acknowledge all the support and encouragement I have been receiving from my readers and send out a big thank you to everyone.

A special thanks to Canada Free Press for publishing my articles and giving a voice to the Iranian pro-democracy, anti-reform movement.

I should be back to writing on my blog on a regular basis starting September 1st 2009. Thank you everyone for your support, encouragement and patience in the next little while.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Last night I attended a Farsi movie screening called the Final Word, a film about a great Iranian Poet Ahmad Shamlou, directed by Moslem Mansouri. The event was organized by “Kanoon-e Andishe” and “Honar Shoray-e Poshtibani az Mobarezat-e Mardom dar Iran.”

Moslem Mansouri is a renowned film director, one of the founders of “underground cinema” in Iran as well as an old and dear friend. I attended the event with my father in order to watch the film and show our support for Mr. Mansouri.

This was advertised as a cultural event, not a political event, it was supposed to be a night about Ahmad Shamlou, however things did not turn out that way.

The host of this event Hossein Afsahi started the program with a long winded political speech which was not planned, announced or advertised in any way. Afsahi who I understand is a film director and a writer was extremely disrespectful and ignorant in his speech and managed to insult the Lion and Sun Flag, Monarchists and all Iranians who believe in the Lion and Sun Flag without believing in monarchy or any other political organization.

He referred to the Lion and Sun Flag as the “Monarchist Flag” which only goes to show his ignorance and intolerance against the Flag and those who believe in it. At the end of his speech my father wanted to ask him a question, however he would not allow for any questions and indicated that tonight was about “Shamlou.” Perhaps he should have remembered that BEFORE his 20 minutes long speech. My father left the event, after which another gentleman suggested to the host that perhaps he should not be making political speeches at a cultural event if he was not willing to answer any questions.

At that point I left the event as well, because for me at that point there was no difference between event and anything the Islamic Regime might have organized in Toronto. IT is disturbing to see even so called activists like Afsahi have such strong dictatorial tendencies and I am certainly glad people like him do not have any power. If this is what they do when they have no power I can only imagine what they would do if they had any power.

Unfortunately both the organizers of the event and Mr. Mansouri were not present during this dispute and were not able to stop it, although I have no doubt they would have, had they been present.

I am extremely disappointed that I did not get the chance to watch this movie which I had heard so much about. I am also disappointed to see an individual who was speaking about tolerance for each other would not allow for a simple question to be asked.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

For those who were concerned about the pro-reform event at the University of Toronto last night, please find below the contact information for the office of the President of the University of Toronto. I would encourage everyone to send a small note expressing your concerns over the event.

Executive Secretary Ms. Kim Derrick 416-978-2121

Director, Office of the President and University Events Ms. Bryn MacPherson 416-946-5848

Special Advisor to the President Dr. Anthony Gray 416-978-8792

Tonight I attended an event called “Human Rights and Democratic Transition in Iran” which was organized by the Iranian Association at the University of Toronto. Due to the efforts made by the organizers to keep this event a secret from freedom loving Iranians, I was only able to attend the second part of this event which consisted of question and answer period. The following are my notes, thoughts and observations on this pro-reform event.

Three speakers were scheduled to speak at this event: Mr. Payam Akhavan, Mr. Ramin Jahanbegloo and the well known reformist and the former torturer Akbar Ganji, however for some unknown reason Akbar Ganji did not attend this event and there were only two speakers.

I attended with a number of other pro-democracy activists with our Lion and Sun Flags as a symbol of opposition to this pro-reform (pro-Islamic Regime) event. There were also numerous leftist activists present who ended up asking some very important and interesting questions. Outside of the University building pro-democracy activists gathered with Lion and Sun Flags and shouted slogans such as “down with the Islamic Regime.”

During the question and answer period a number of important and interesting questions were asked which I took note of. Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadi a leftist activist pointed to the title of the event “ Human Rights and Democratic Transition in Iran” askig how an individual like Akbar Ganji who was once a well known torturer can be considered a human rights activist and be invited to such an event.

Mr. Jahanbegloo did not answer this question and indicated that he was not going to defend Akbar Ganji, because Ganji was capable and mature enough to defend himself, (or perhaps there was really nothing he could have said in defence of this well known torturer.) He went on to make a speech about a non-violent civil movement and the danger of vengeance. He indicated that we should not be looking for scapegoats. I must remind Mr. Jahanbegloo that one persons’ scapegoat is another person’s torturer!

He also discussed the importance of a peaceful civil movement which I completely agree with, however a peaceful civil movement does not mean prominent and well know torturers such as Akbar Ganji get to walk away from their crimes. There must be fair and public trials in which Mr. Ganji and others like him must be tried and if found guilty punished for their crimes against the Iranian people.

Later on Mr. Akhavan made some seemingly harmless comments which at a closer look were very disturbing. He indicated that the use of any type of violence would give “hardliners” even more excuse to crack down on the protestors. Mr. Akhavan seems very keen on distinguishing between hardliners and reformers, as if there is some real difference between the two groups. It is not the hardliners who are oppressing the Iranian people, killing people on the streets and raping and torturing protestors in prison, it is the Islamic Regime. So called reformists such as Mousavi and Khatami have stated time and again they are strong supporters of the Islamic Regime, in fact Mousavi recently stated that the people’s slogan should be “Islamic Regime, not one word more and not one word less.” This is the same Islamic Regime that has been killing and torturing dissidents for the past 30 years.

Neither Mousavi or Khatami have ever condemned the Islamic Regime for the torture and the execution of its dissidents for the past 30 years. At best they have suggested that those arrested in the past two months should be released, forgetting that what we are seeing right now has been going on for 30 years in Islamic Regime dungeons, Mr. Akhavan also seems to have forgotten this fact.

Mr. Akhavan went on to say those people who are saying death to the Islamic Regime are under an illusion and that if they are not careful Iran might end up with a government even worse than the Islamic Regime. Mr. Akhavan seems to have forgotten that it is the Iranian people on the streets and during protests who are shouting “death to the Islamic Regime” not just the opposition abroad.

Mr. Akhavan, people of Iran have spoken and it is certainly not your place to tell the people of Iran who are on the front lines fighting for freedom, what to say or which slogan to use. If the Islamic Regime has not been able to stop the Iranian people from voicing their demands you can be sure that you won’t be able to stop them either.

There was also a lot of talk both from Mr. Akhavan and Mr. Jahanbegloo about forgiving torturers and murderers. As one questioner pointed out, these kind of speeches are nothing but a “green light” for those who are currently shooting protestors on the streets and raping and torturing protestors in prison. After all if we accept what these two individuals are suggesting we would end up forgiving all their crimes anyways, so they might as well commit as many crimes as they can against the Iranian people for as long as they can.

It is not up to Mr. Akhavan or Mr. Jahanbegloo to forgive those who are oppressing the Iranian people, it is up to the mothers who have seen their sons and daughters be tortured and executed, wives who have seen their husbands executed and young people who have lost the best years of their lives in the Islamic Regime dungeons.

I was very much expecting Mr. Jahanbegloo to make the pro-reform (pro-Islamic Regime) speech that he made, however I am extremely disappointed in Mr. Akhavan who should know better.

Shame on you Mr. Akhavan, Shame on you...

As the event came to an end myself and other pro-democracy activists shouted “death to the Islamic Regime” as we left this pro-reform (pro Islamic Regime) event.

I urge all readers to write to the University of Toronto to voice your opinion about such pro reform (pro-Islamic Regime) events taking place in their university at a time when Iranians who are fighting for freedom are being shot on the streets and raped in prisons.

I also urge everyone to write to Mr. Jahanbegloo and Mr. Akhavan to voice their concern over their pro-reform, and ultimately pro-Islamic Regime and anti Iranian people agenda.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

By: Sayeh Hassan

On August 1st 2009 the Islamic Regime brought more than 100 “accused” to what can only be described as a “public proceeding” which the Islamic Regime called a “trial.” The accused were charged with acting against national security, being in contact with foreign media and anti-Islamic Regime groups abroad and participating in illegal demonstrations etc...

There are a number of things that need to be kept in mind when dealing with these so called “trials” and the process leading up to it. Although according to the Iran’s Judiciary spokesperson Ali Reza Jamshidi close to 4000 individuals were arrested during the recent protests, only about 100 of them have been actually brought to some sort of public proceeding, which the Islamic Regime called a “trial.” There are still 100’s of individuals in custody, without even formally being charged with a criminal offence.

Most of the protestors were arrested by either Sepah or Basij forces who are under the direct control of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Those arrested were taken to police stations or various prisons including the Evin Prison and the Kehrzik Camp. There have been wide spread reports of physical torture and rape in prisons, to such a degree that tens of individuals lost their lives under torture, especially in the notorious Kehrzik Camp.

After being subjected to torture for days or weeks, some individuals were released without ever being charged with a criminal offence. This is how the Islamic Regime’s judicial system operates, individuals are arrested and tortured without charge and then released, without anyone ever being accountable for these actions.

There is another group of individuals who having been tortured and perhaps forced into confessions were granted outrageously high amounts of bail, which was impossible to meet for some of the accused and their families. The underlying concept of bail is to allow the accused to remain at large until his case is dealt with in a court of law. Bail is granted in cases where there is no risk of flight, re-offending or danger to society.

The general principle is that the bail should be set at an amount that is onerous, however within the capacity of the accused and his sureties to post. The financial circumstance of the sureties (individuals posting bail) are always taken into consideration when granting bail. In the case of Islamic Regime Revolutionary Courts however, the financial situation of sureties are not taken into account and a random and extremely high amount of bail is generally set for political prisoners. A bail that is impossible to meet is really no bail at all. In reality unreasonably high amount of bail is a tool used by the Revolutionary Courts to keep political prisoners in prison.

There are also the hundreds of individuals who are still in custody, who may or may not have been charged with a recognized criminal offence, who are serving pre-trial custody, without even having been formally charged or brought to court, to at least deal with the bail issue. There is no information about when or if these individuals will be brought to trial or released. This is the legal and judicial system of the Islamic Regime, where innocent people are arrested without reasonable and probable grounds, are tortured in order to force confessions, are murdered under torture or if they are really lucky granted bail that they cannot meet.

Public Proceedings (“Trials”)
Then of course we have the “lucky few” who are granted “trials,” I use the term very loosely as these proceedings are anything but trials, as we in Canada or anywhere else in the Civilized World understand the term. These proceedings are political shows, which may very well be worth the price of admission but they are by no means “trials.”

These show “trials” are being taped at least partially and televised on the official Islamic Regime TV broadcasts. On August 1st 2009, which was the first day of these “trials” a video broadcast of the trial showed around 100 accused all seated in court, with guards on either side. The prosecutor read the allegations against the individuals which consisted of numerous offences including acting against national security, Defence lawyers were nowhere to be seen although it is my understanding that they may have been present.

As a criminal defence lawyer two main concerns have arisen out of these sham “trials:”

1. Confessions

Given the reports of wide spread torture and rape in Islamic Regime Prisons; the so called “confessions” have no credibility and should be considered void. It is almost guaranteed that any confessions made were made without the presence of a defence lawyer and under physical torture.

2. Concept of Self Incrimination

During these sham “trials” we have seen at least two of the accused Ali Abtahi and Mohammad Atrianfar take the stand and make confessions. This was done on the very first day of trial before the prosecutors started presenting their evidence.

In Criminal Trials in Canada an individual is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is the job of the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the accused. Therefore in a criminal trial the prosecutor must present its case first. Once the prosecutor’s case is completed, defence may decide to present evidence on behalf of the accused, however the defence will only introduce evidence to support a DEFENCE, not evidence that is incriminating.

During this process the accused does not have to take the stand at any time or to incriminate himself/herself. At no point during a trial will the accused take the stand and confess, unless he decides at some point he forgoes the process of trial and simply plead guilty.

In case of the Islamic Regime sham “trials” of course everything works completely backward and we see individuals taking the stand on the first day of trial before the prosecutor has presented its case and confessing.

This goes against due process and the concept of a fair trial. Anything after that can only be a political show for the benefit of the International Community and the Islamic Regime’s sorry attempt to convince the International Community that there is such a thing as rule of law and due process in the Islamic Regime in Iran.

By: Sayeh Hassan

In solidarity with freedom loving Kurds in Kurdistan who have been actively fighting against the Islamic Regime for the past 30 years. Although they have paid a very heavy price for their fight, by facing torture, extremely lengthy prison terms and execution, Kurds in Kurdistan have fought relentlessly against the Islamic Regime. I announce my solidarity with the Kurdish people for the public strike in Iranian Kurdistan on August 19th 2009.

August 19, 2009 is the 30th anniversary of Khomeini’s declaration of Jihad and also the launching of an enormous military attack on the people of Kurdistan in Iran. To protest the brutal policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), residences of Kurdistan have been invited to launch a day of public strike by several leftist parties and groups. In support of this initiative, we, the undersigned individuals, call on all lovers of freedom to support the people’s struggles in Kurdistan on this historic day.

Thirty years ago, Khomeini declared war on Kurdistan so to destroy one of the most vital centres in Iran where revolutionary demands continued to challenge the newly established Islamic regime after they overthrew the Monarchist system. Following the claps of the Monarchist establishment, communist organizations and other progressive political groups and activists, showed no illusion to the newly Islamic State and Khomeini’s instructions; therefore, they established worker’s unions, and City and Town councillors to run their own affairs. A demand for fair working hours and reasonable Employment Laws, better quality education and social services dominated the discourse of political groups and the society as a whole. Land was distributed among poor peasants. Such a political environment grasped the attention of many progressive political organizations and activist from other parts of Iran, where they were under increasing persecution by the Islamic State’s agents.

Kurdistan became a centre of attention and optimism for people in different parts of Iran. They hoped for success of progressive organizations in Kurdistan would lead in their success in Tehran and other big cities. Therefore, many political activists, from other parts of Iran, visited Kurdistan to attend political events, observe people’s role in their domestic affairs and refresh their thought without fear of being arrested.

In the context of such a political environment, Khomeini declared war on people in Kurdistan to destroy the centre where demand for a better life was in progress. In a violent campaign to crack down all political opponents in Iran, Kurdistan was chosen as the first target by the IRI, in order to deprive all Iranian progressive groups from a safe heaven and a political role model. During the last 30 years, the IRI has killed, tortured, imprisoned, exiled and displaced many people. Despite all its brutalities, this regime has not been able to terrorise the society. During the last 30 years, people in Kurdistan have held frequent May Day and International Women Day, celebrations and numerous campaigns to defend women’s rights, children rights and worker’s rights as well as defending political prisoners and freedom of expression.

Kurdistan has been quiet during the protest developments after the Iranian presidential election of 2009. People have been quiet because they know Mir Hussein Mosavi, as one of the Islamic regime’s founders, does not represent oppressed people’s aspiration.

On August 19, it is time for people in Kurdistan to mobilize our independent ranks and express our protest against the IRI and all its’ political fractions. It is time to show a Red Flag as an alternative to the Green Islamic Flag of Mosavi and his counterparts in the IRI. It is time to let the public know that, there is another political alternative too.
In a response to the call for a public strike, we encourage all people in Kurdistan to refrain from going to work, doing business and attending Offices, manufactories and markets should be closed on this day.

We ask left and communist political parties, organizations and individuals to join us and blend your voices in ours to support people in Kurdistan on this momentous event.

Sign the petition here

GENEVA — In yet another example of the denial to Baha’is in Iran of their rights to justice, including due process, judicial officials have reportedly set next Tuesday as the trial date for seven imprisoned Baha’i leaders – despite the fact that the lead lawyers registered with the court to represent them are either in prison or outside the country.

Further, efforts to have the accused released on bail have not succeeded. The investigation against them was concluded months ago but they remain incarcerated, without access to their legal counsel and with only the barest minimum contact with their families – contact that did not begin until some five months’ after their arrest, when they were finally taken out of solitary confinement.

Authorities recently sent to Abdolfattah Soltani, a key member of the legal team representing the seven Baha’is who is himself currently imprisoned in Evin prison, a notice saying that 18 August has been set as the trial date for the seven Baha’is. Dated 15 July, the writ of notification for the seven gives 9 a.m., 18 August, as the date for the trial, in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. That is the same court that tried Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi.

The writ of notification giving 18 August as the trial date was specifically addressed to Mr. Soltani, a well-known human rights lawyer and a principal of the Tehran-based Defenders of Human Rights Center, which was founded by Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi and has since last year undertaken to defend the seven Baha’is.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Ebadi, the senior member of the legal team, remains outside the country.

“The judiciary’s decision to schedule the trial under these circumstances is an effrontery and yet another tactic aimed at depriving the seven Baha’i leaders of competent legal counsel,” said Diane Ala’i, the Baha’i International Community’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva.

“The Iranian authorities know full well who is serving as legal counsel for the Baha’is. Indeed, authorities have several times tried to pressure the seven to change lawyers.

“It is the height of absurdity to issue a trial notice to a lawyer who has himself been unjustly imprisoned,” she said.

“The willingness of Iran’s judiciary to flout the most fundamental internationally accepted norms of jurisprudence were brought to light in the widespread publicity attending the trial of Roxana Saberi.

“More recently, the attention of the world has been focused on the show trial of scores of individuals arrested in post-election turmoil in Iran, also without due process and which has included ‘confessions’ that were clearly coerced through torture,” said Ms. Ala’i.

The Baha’i International Community has called for the human rights of all the people of Iran to be respected and upheld. “Today, then, we raise the call on behalf of our innocent co-religionists, whose only ‘crime’ is their religious belief, and who face the most severe punishments if they are found guilty of the trumped-up charges against them.

“Instead of going on trial, they should be immediately released on bail, and, at the very least, be given adequate time for their attorneys to prepare a defense,” said Ms. Ala’i.

Ms. Ala’i also said that the 18 August trial date could not be taken as firm, noting that the families of the seven had been told in June they were to be tried on 11 July, only to have that date come and go.

“Given the past history of this case, the utter lack of concern for procedure on the part of authorities, and the current situation in Iran, it is simply not possible to know when the proceedings will actually begin,” she said.

The seven Baha’i prisoners are Mrs. Fariba Kamalabadi, Mr. Jamaloddin Khanjani, Mr. Afif Naeimi, Mr. Saeid Rezaie, Mrs. Mahvash Sabet, Mr. Behrouz Tavakkoli, and Mr. Vahid Tizfahm. All but one of the group were arrested on 14 May 2008 at their homes in Tehran. Mrs. Sabet was arrested on 5 March 2008 while in Mashhad. They have since been held without formal charges or access to their lawyers at Evin prison in Tehran.

Official Iranian news accounts have said the seven are to be accused of "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic republic,” charges that are rejected completely and categorically.

The ongoing imprisonment of the seven and pending trial is particularly alarming because of their leadership position as the former members of a national-level coordinating group known as the "Friends in Iran." Some 25 years ago, other Baha’i leaders were executed after being rounded up in a manner similar to the way in which these seven were arrested last year.

According to a news report by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran more than 100 people gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran this morning hoping to obtain some news about their loved ones. Some were waiting to confirm that their loved ones were in fact arrested, while others were waiting for the list names of individuals who had been granted bail.

There were mothers and fathers present who for the past two months had not received any news about their children. A 62 year old father stated with tears in his eyes that he had not had any news about his 27 years old son since June 20th. This man was extremely upset and concerned about the well being of his son, as was cursing Khamenei and calling him a murderer. Other people nearby also joined in this man’s chants and cursed Khamenei and Ahmadinejad.

More than 60 people gathered in front of the Evin Prison hoping to obtain some news about their loved ones and to be able to visit them. Not surprisingly prison officials were not willing to help these individuals and instead threatened them with arrest if they were to stand around the Evin Prison any longer. The families continued to stand up against the prison officials stating “You have already arrested our loved ones, you might as well arrest us too.”

A new list of individuals arrested during the recent protests provided by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran

1. Mohammad Mirzayi, 26- Arrested on August 5th in Baharestan and taken to an unknown location.

2. Ahmad Reza Kaboli, 37, Arrested on August 5th and taken to Evin Prison.

3. Sina Molayi, 21, arrested on August 5th and take to 160 Police Division

4. Farhad Aghajani, 23, Arrested on August 5th and taken to Evin Prison

5. Alireza Kashani, 25, Arrested on August 5th and taken to Evin Prison

6. Arman Kiyani, 27, Arrested on August 5th and taken to Evin Prison

7. Kazem Masoumi, 26, Arrested on August 3rd and taken to an unknown location

8. Behrouz Jalilvand 25, Arrested on August 3rd and taken to the Evin Prison

9. Hadi Jamshidi Mobareke, 26, Arrested on August 3rd and taken to an unknown location.

10. Afshin Sadeghi, 20, Arrested on August 3rd and taken to an unknown location.

11. Mohammad Hosseing Azari, 28, Arrested on July 30th and taken to Section 240 of the Evin Prison

12. Amin Hosseini Hashemabadi, 27, Arrested on July 30th and taken to Evin Prison

13. Peyman Ahmadi, 20, arrested on July 30th and taken to Evin Prison.

14. Hamed Abbasi, 29, July 30th Evin Prison

15. Keyvan Ebrahimi-Zadeh, 30, Arrested on July 30th and taken to Evin Prison

16. Mehdi Salekipour, arrested on July 17th and taken to Evin Prison

17. Amir Nazariyan 22, Arrested on July 17th and taken to Evin Prison

18. Amir Abbas-Zadeh 23, Arrested on July 16th and taken to Evin Prison

19. Mansour Khorshidi, 28, arrested July 16th and taken to the Evin Prison

20. Hossein Ghafari, 24, arrested July 9th and taken to the Evin Prison.

21. Yousef Karimi, 29, arrested July 9th and taken to the Evin Prison.

22. Kamran Taghipour, 29, arrested July 9th and taken to the Evin Prison.

Translation by Sayeh Hassan

According to news report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the families of political prisoners arrested in the recent months are continuing with their daily protests in front of the Evin Prison and the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. Today the families were angry and shouting “what is the crime of our children? All they want is freedom.”

About 100 family members gathered in front of the Revolutionary Court this morning at 8:00am asking for the immediate and unconditional release of their loved ones. The family members shout anti-Khamenei and anti-Ahmadinejad slogans.

Around 10:00am names of 28 individuals who had been granted bail was posted. The bail for most individuals was 10 million Tooman. There were many families who were unable to come up with such a large sum of money and did not have any property to put up as bail. In response to their protest to such an unreasonably high amount of bail court officials stated “this is how it is, if you don’t come up with the money you loved one will remain in jail.”

Further about 50 family members gathered in front of the Evin Prison hoping to be able to visit with their loved ones, however they were told by Prison officials that they would only be able to visit their loved ones when the Judge in charge of their case allows for visitation.

Below is a list 17 other individuals who have been arrested during the recent protests-Provided by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran:

1. Mr. Ali Hashemi, 30

2. Mr. Alireza Bahrami, 20

3. Mr. Sagher Mohammadi, 25

4. Mr. Ali Akbar Naderi

5. Mr. Mohammad Javad Motamedi, 26

6. Mr. Mehdi Shayan, 21

7. Mr. Amir Misaghi, 23

8. Mr. Masoud Karimi Nejad, 25

9. Mr. Saeed Hossein MirTaheri, 27

10. Mr. Kamran Nasiri Sarkuhi, 19

11. Mr. Mohammad Reza Hadipour, 31

12. Mr. Mohammad Yaseri, 29

13. Mr. Kourosh Falahi, 27

14. Mr. Nader Saadati Niya

15. Mr. Mohsen Fatemi Nasb, 24

16. Mr. Naser Azimi, 22

17. Mr. Khosro entezami, 28

Continuation of Nightly Rooftop Protests in Tehran-Sunday August 9th

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran the nightly rooftop protests in Tehran continues. Tonight once again people took to their rooftops and shouted “death to dictator.” The protest took place between 10:00pm-10:30pm.

The nightly protests took place in various areas in Tehran including “Tehran Pars, Tajrish, Mir Damad, Sedkhandan, Vanak and Shams Abad.”
In some areas security forces were riding their motorbikes in an effort to intimidate the protestors, however they were not successful and people in these areas increased the intensity of their protests.

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

Following is the translation of an interview conducted by “Committee of Reporters of Human Rights” with the family of Mr. Alireza Davoudi, who recently died, quite possibly due to the torture he had been subjected to in Islamic Regime Prisons.

Mr. Davoudi was expelled from university due to his political activities. He was arrested on February 12th 2009 in the city of Esfehan. He was released on April 25th 2009 on a 100 million Tooman bail. He died on July 29th 2009 at the age of 26.

Mr. Davoudi was the spokesperson for the “students for freedom and equality” in the city of Esfehan, the editor of the student publication “Rahe Khaki” in Esfehan University as well as an organizer and speaker in numerous protests in support of women and workers.

According to Mr. Davoudi’s mother Mr. Davoudi was psychologically tortured to an extent that he had nightmares every night after his release from prison. Although he never spoke to his mother about the physical torture he had undergone while in prison, the signs of torture and burnt cigarettes on his hands were clearly visible until the day he died. Mr. Davoudi also told his dad that he had been hung upside down for three (3) days as another form of torture.

Mr. Davoudi’s father further stated that after his release Mr. Davoudi suffered from mental health problems and had to be hospitalized. While in the hospital Mr. Davoudi’s health had improved, he did not have any physical problems and his psychological health had also improved greatly.

However when Mr. Davoudi’s aunt called the hospital on July 29th 2009 to speak to Mr. Davoudi, she was informed that he had suffered a stroke and died!!

Mr. Davoudi’s father believes that there may have been something more to Mr. Davoudi’s stroke and expressed concern that the family was not notified immediately about Mr. Davoudi’s heart attack and death. He believes further investigation is necessary into Mr. Davoudi’s death in order to obtain some satisfactory answers.

In conclusion Mr. Davoudi’s father stated that on the day of Mr. Davoudi’s funeral he was contacted by the Islamic Regime official in charge of Mr. Davoudi’s case, and warned not to make a big deal at the funeral. He also warned that he would be contacting the Davoudi family again.

Edit: I seem to have made a mistake on paragraph 7 writing "heart attack instead of stroke, I have just edited that mistake."

Translation by: Sayeh Hassan

According to a report from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani, a political prisoner has once again been subjected to brutal torture. On this occasion the degree of torture was so severe, that prison officials were forced to transfer Mr. Tehrani to the prison clinic.

On June 4th 2009 a number of political prisoners in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison started a hunger strike in response to the in humane treatment of political prisoners in this section of the Prison. Section 1 is also known as “dog house, torture chamber and end of the road.” Mr. Tehrani is one of the prisoners on hunger strike and as a result he has been subjected to brutal torture on numerous occasions in the past two months.

Most recently Mr. Tehrani was taken to a torture chamber by an individual called “Bakhshi.” According to this news report Bakhshi was also involved in the torture and death of the Canadian/Iranian journalist Zahra Kazemi.

In this torture chamber Mr. Tehrani was blindfolded, hand cuffed and his feet were cuffed as well. Bakhshi along with the prison warden “Khadem” and a number of prison guards attacked Mr. Tehrani with batons, beating him to a point where he had to be taken to the prison clinic.

According to eye witnesses who had seen Mr. Tehrani in the prison clinic, he had severe signs of torture on his hands, feet and back. Prison officials have done everything possible to prevent other prisoners from having any contact with Mr. Tehrani.

Mr. Tehrani has been imprisoned in Section 1 of the Gohardasht Prison for some time now and has been subjected to brutal torture on numerous occasions. The overall health of Mr. Tehrani is extremely poor, he suffers from internal bleeding, a broken shoulder and has difficulty walking. In light of suspicious death of political prisoners in Islamic Regime Prisons in the past few years there is great concern that Mr. Tehrani might be the next victim on Islamic Regime’s “death” list.

It should be noted that Mr. Tehrani was first arrested in the pro-democracy student demonstrations on July 9th 2009 and has spent most of the past 10 years in the Islamic Regime Prisons.

I would urge all readers to contact international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and ruge them to take up Mr. Tehrani’s case before its’ too later.

Translation of Report by: Sayeh Hassan

Despite the rain tens of freedom loving Iranians gathered today at the Iranian Plaza (Yonge/Steeles) at 6pm in solidarity with the Iranian People. Most people carried Lion and Sun Flags, and shouted slogans such as “down with the Islamic Regime.”

Those driving by honked their horns in solidarity with the protestors. The protest continued until 8:30pm.

Down With the Islamic Regime

Long Live Freedom in Iran

I just came across a news article from “Azizanpress Blog” from Zanjan University where a number of students have gathered and prepared a sign which reads : “ Mir Hossein Mousavi is Guilty in People’s Court Because of the 1988 Mass Executions.” It’s very interesting that this was done BEFORE the election, on May 23rd 2009.
Unlike what many Islamic Regime Agents who wear green and claim to be representing the Iranian people may say, there were people in Iran who were aware of Mousavi’s past and wanted him tried for the crimes that he has committed.

It is very interesting to note that about two weeks ago Iranian people started using a new slogan “Independence, Freedom, IRANIAN Republic.” After hearing these slogans Mousavi made a public statement asking the Iranian people to come to the streets with the slogan of “Islamic Regime, not one word more and not one word less.” After this statement people came out with their most radical slogan yet: “Death to the Islamic Regime.”

The people of Iran want change, real change which does not include or involve any of the criminals involved with the Islamic Regime, including Mousavi. I strongly believe that it is the duty of freedom loving Iranians abroad to make sure the voices of Iranian people inside the country are heard, loud and clear. We cannot listen to the Islamic Regime mouthpieces such as Akbar Gangi, or the organizers of the Green Protests who have tried very hard to keep our demands within the frame work of the Islamic Regime.

The people of Iran have spoken, they have said death to the Islamic Regime. It is our turn to carry out this slogan, as long as our brothers and sisters in Iran are willing to risk everything to fight against the Islamic Regime, it is our duty to do the same.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

According to news reports from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, demonstrators gathered in various areas in Iran including Enghelab Square, Vali Asr Square, FAtemi Squre, and Vanak today, shouting “death to the dictator.”

Thousands of people also gathered in Baharestan Square also shouting “death to the dictator.” In Saedi Street people who were driving their cars were honking their horns in solidarity with the protestors. Protestors were also “booing” the security forces as they moved forward with their protest.

At least 16 people have been arrested so far, at least three of them in Baharestan Square. The security forces also tried to arrest a woman who was shouting “death to Ahmadinejad” however other protestors interfered and did not allow the security forces to arrest this woman.

In addition to the usual Basij forces, Sepah and non-uniform security forces there was also a group of Regime thugs who were wearing all black, and attacking the protestors. Despite violent attacks by security forces protestors continued to protest and shouted “death to dictator.”

Translated by Sayeh Hassan

Freedom loving people in Toronto will gather every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday in front of the Iranian plaza in solidarity with the Iranian people. This is a completely independent movement and is not organized by any political group or organization. People and groups are welcome, with any ideology, any sign or flag as long as they agree on one fundamental issue, which is being against the Islamic Regime in Iran.

We will be there, we will be present and we will stand in solidarity with the Iranian people.

When: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Location: Iranian Plaza, Yonge and Steeles
Time: 6-9pm

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

This is a video from protests in Iran. People shouting Death to Islamic Regime, Tonight is the night of revolution and we will kill who ever killed my brother." Despite what Regime Agents in Canada might claim, the Iranian people want REAL change, not reform, the Iranian people have made this very clear by shouting death to the Islamic Regime, knowing that they may ver well be killed for shouting such a radical slogan.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

خبر های کوتاه : twitter
* بچها از نازی اباد و جوادیه آمدند کمک شمال شهر چند بسیجی‌ زخمی شدند

* بچه های نازی اباد و جوادیه دمتون گرم بادا

* ميدان ۷تير، ولی عصر، ونک، انقلاب و ميدان فاطمی ادامه دارددر رضائی ها به سوی شريعتی مردم به هم پيوستند

* در سعادت آباد-شهرک غرب و ستارخان تا آریاشهر درگیریها شدت یافته است ونک و کردستان همچنان اوج درگیریها

* خبر تاسف انگی متاسفانه با دو سه نفر که در شیراز از دوستان تماس گرفتم خبر شهادت برخی هم میهنان را تایید می کنند

* شیراز:در شیراز حکومت نظامی غیر رسمی برقرار شده است. تجمعات بیش از 3 نفر باعث جلب توجه مامورین گشته و سریع یورش میبرند

* بسیجی های کثیف حتا به ماشین ها و مغازه ها حمله می‌کنند

* تعداد کسانی که از 22 خرداد به بعد در خیابان های ایران کتک خورده اند از مجموع رای های احمدی نژاد بیشتر است

* راس ساعت 6 جمیتی نزدیک به 200 نفر از میدان ونک به سمت جنوب حرکت کردیم که بعد از 10 دقیقه جمعیت به 2 تا 3 هزار نفر رسید .

* چهارشنبه 14 مرداد - 9 صبح - بهارستان - مقابل مجلس

According to news reports by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran, protestors have gathered in main intersections in Tehran, and the protests are spreading all over Tehran. There are currently protests in “Hafte Tir Square, Vali Asr Square, Vanak Squre, Enghelab Squre and Fatemi Square.” People also gathered in Saai Park and shouted anti-government slogans.

People are shouting anti-Khamenei and anti-Ahmadinejad slogans such as “Khamenei is a murderer, his government is void, Death to Khamenei and death to dictator.”

Security forces including Basij and Sepah are attacking protestors with batons in many different areas such as Saai Park, and Vali Asr Square. As of 7:45pm at least four (4) protestors were wounded as a result of brutal attacks by security forces.

Protests in Tehran still continue as of the time of the publication of this report and the number of protestors is increasing by every passing moment.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Translation of reports by: Sayeh Hassan

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of Akbar Mohammadi’s suspicious death in the notorious Evin Prison. Akbar Mohammadi was arrested along with his brother Manouchehr Mohammadi during the pro democracy student protests in July 9th 2009.

Both brothers were charged with being the leaders of this movement and were tortured for months in the notorious Towhid Prison. Akbar Mohammadi was originally sentenced to death, however due to great international pressure his sentence was reduced to 15 years in prison.

Because of the prolonged torture he had been subjected to, Mr. Mohammadi suffered from very serious health problems. In late July of 2006 he went on a hunger strike to protest the conditions under which he was being imprisoned. On August 2nd 2006 he died under very suspicious circumstances in Evin Prison, while on a hunger strike. Many believe that he was murdered by Regime Agents in prison, there has never been a satisfactory explanation for the cause of his death.

It must be noted that at the time Akbar Mohammadi started his hunger strike another “so called” former political prisoner Akbar Ganji organized a hunger strike in the United Sates. Even though Gangi knew that Mr. Mohammadi was on hunger strike at the same time, he refused to mention Mr. Mohammadi’s name among the names of political prisoners he was supporting. He named a number of well known reformist prisoners instead. Akbar Mohammadi died during the same time Mr. Gangi was on a “hunger strike” supposedly in support of political prisoners in Iran.

I have always believed that the real reason behind Akbar Ganji’s hunger strike was to take away all media attention and public attention away from Akbar Mohammadi’s hunger strike, and allow the Regime to kill Mr. Mohammadi, while all eyes were on Akbar Ganji.

I was forwarded this article written by Basir Nasibi, who compares Akbar Mohamadi’s situation in prison to Akbar Ganji’s. He really draws a difference between what many Iranians call Hotel Evin versus the Evin Prison.

In loving memory of Akbar Mohammadi, he will never be forgotten.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

بصیر نصیبی: یک با م و دوهوا و دو اکبر
اکبر گنجی، زندانی بود. اکبر محمدی هم، زندانی بود. اکبرگنجی از دل این حکومت برخواسته مدافع وهمراه باند دوم خرداد بود، منوچهر محمدی، کلیت رژیم را رد می کرد، اکبر گنجی به مرخصی می آمد، اکبر محمدی هم به مرخصی می آمد، اکبر گنجی به هنگام مرخصی به دیدار آیت الله منتظری می شتافت تا زمینه حکومتی اسلامی را بدون خامنه ای فراهم کند، اکبر محمدی به خاطر معالجه و به تشخیص پزشک با مرخصی استعلاجی به نزد پدر ومادر دردمندش در آمل می رفت، اکبر گنجی را به زندان بر می گرداندند، منوچهر محمدی را علیرغم تشخیص پزشک خودشان مجبور به بازگشت به زندان کردند و هزینه برگرداندن او از آمل تا زندان را هم از خانواده دردمندش طلب کردند، گنجی به هنگام اعتصاب به یک بیمارستان بیرون زندان برده شد. اکبر محمدی را با شرایطی وخیم در زندان نگهداشتند. سایت های دوم خردادی اینجا فقط برای گنجی و اعتصاب غذایش از جان مایه می گذاشتند ، نوری زاده مردم را دعوت می کرد هر کس با دسته گلی در بیمارستان به دیدار اکبر بشتابند -خانم شیرین عبادی از در مخفی بیمارستان خودش را به بستر گنجی می رسانید- اما این خانم اصلا نام محمدی ها را بیاد داشت؟ اصلا بیادش مانده بودعلاوه بر زندانیان گواتمالا در جمهوری اسلامی هم زندانیان زیر شکنجه جان می بازند ویا رژیم آنان را می کشد ومرگ آنان را به اتفاقی پزشگی پیوند می دهد ( سعیدی سیرجانی، زیبا کاظمی. اکبر محمدی. و…)
همان زمان که گنجی در اعتصاب غذا بود ،همین موقعیت را محمدی هم داشت. اما نه آقای سروش نگران وضعیتش بود نه مسعود بهنود از قلم مخملینش برای دفاع از وی مایه گذاشت، وقتی بدروغ و از مجرایی مبهم شایع شد که اکبرگنجی در اثر اعتصاب در گذشته است. مسعود بهنود چه بی تاب بود. نه شب خواب به چشمش می آمد و نه در روز دست و دلش به کار می رفت، آنچه نیرو داشت به قلم مخملینش منتقل کرد و چه اکبر ، اکبری سر می داد- آیا در آن شرایط آقای بهنود کلامی در وصف اکبر محمدی به زبان آورده بود*؟ وقتی گنجی در مرخصی بود- جمع شارلاتان های دوم خردادی گردش حلقه زده بودند، شمس الواعظین، جلایی پور، عیسی سحرخیز، مشاوران خاتمی- فاطمه حقیقت جو ، معماران سازمان مخوف واواک (سعید حجاریان و… ) و سپاه پاسداران (محسن سازگارا و…) اصلا چه کسی به خانه حقیر محمدی ها سر میزد- چه کسی با پدر ومادر او که فقط ضجه می زدند و ناله می کردند، همراهی کرد؟ ؛ آقای گنجی در زندان پزشگ مخصوص از بیرون زندان داشت ( دکتر معین کاندید مردود شده ریاست جمهوری) پزشک خصوصی محمدی چه نام داشت؟
به هنگام اعتصاب گنجی میکروفون رادیوها در اختیار همسر آقای گنجی بود و ایشان دایم توی رادیو های بی، بی، سی و بخش فارسی رادیو آلمان، رادیو فردا، هر حرکت وتکان آقای گنجی را منعکس می کردند و سایت های اخبار روز و ایران امروز، روز، پیک نت ، شهروند. بازگوی سخنان خانم گنجی بودند. آیا پدر ومادر در مانده محمدی ها به این سایت ها و به این رادیو ها راه داشتد؟
چه کسی به صدای مادر وپدر محمدی توجهی داشت؟ عکس های گنجی، در حالت های متفاوت هر روز روی سایت های فوق بود- یک گرم تغییر وزنش را فوری خانم گنجی گزارش می داد تا افکار عمومی در جریان وضعیت آقای گنجی قرار گیرند، اما عکسی از اکبرمحمدی که موقعیت او را به هنگام اعتصاب غذا مشخص کند روی هیچ سایتی دیده شد؟ 2روز قبل از قتل محمدی به هنگام بازدید شبه نمایندگان مجلس ارتجاع از زندان - دهان محمدی را با چسب مسدود کردند و دست ها و پاهای اورا به تخت زندان بستند. چرا کسی عکسی از این وضعیت محمدی منتشر نکرد؟ چرا در مورد اکبر محمدی نگهبانان به هوش بودند تا مبادا عکس و یا سندی از زندان خارج شود اما در مورد اکبر گنجی از هوش می رفتند تا عکس ها و مقالات فیلسوفانه آقای کانت مسلمان در سراسر جهان پخش شود- چرا یک زندانی می تواند لحظه به لحظه خبرهایش را از درون زندان منعکس کند اما زندانی دیگر را اول می کشند و بعد خبری مربوط به او را که سازمانهای امنیتی تنظیم کرده اند در مطبوعات دست نشانده شان چاپ می کنند؟
چرا پرزیدنت بوش مهربان فقط آزادی اکبر گنجی را خواستار شد؟ چرا اتحادیه اروپا و خبرنگاران بدون مرز، سازمان های حقوق بشر هیچ کوششی برای نجات این زندانی مظلوم انجام ندادند؟ چرا هیچ موسسه ای جایزه ای برای مقاومت او در برابر جلادان خون آشام رژیم اسلامی اهدا نکرد؟ آقای لاهیچی و کمیته حقوق بشرش به غیر از شرکت در برنامه بدرقه خانم عبادی ؛ و پروژه اکبر گنجی چه اقدامی برای محمدی ها انجام داد؟
چرا آقای چامسکی از محمدی دفاع نکرد؟ اصلا این آقای فیلسوف ضد بوش جز اکبر گنجی زندانی دیگری را در سیاه چالهای جمهوری اسلامی می شناسد؟ چرا قلب حساس بزرگ بانوی شعر معاصر برای اکبر محمدی ضربانش تغییر نکرد و حسی در وصف حال اکبر محمدی به خانم بهبهانی الهام نشد؟ آیا دکتر براهنی ها، میلانی ها که برای گنجی این چنین مرثیه سر می دادند، هرگز کلمه ای در مورد محمدی ها گفتند و نوشتند؟
آقای گنجی، و دیگر همراهانش، در برنامه اعتصاب عذای ناکامی که برگذار کردند این توهم را میخواستند به پراکنند که اگر رژیم زیر فشار بین المللی قرار گیرد مجبور می شود زندانی های سیاسی را آزاد کنند. آقای گنجی از ما بهتر می دانست که چنین امری محال است چرا که رژیم با حراج ثروت ملی ایران وجدان ها را خریده است و برای این نوع اقدامات نمایشی تره هم خورد نمی کند - تنها با اراده مردم رنج کشیده ایران و با مقابله جدی روی در رویی و قیام عمومی می توان این بساط ظلم را برچید.
حالا آزادی زندانی های سیاسی پیشکششان فقط به بخشی از رفتار های ضد انسانی رژیم در همین مدت کوتاه که اجازه خروج به اکبر گنجی را واواک حکومت صادر کرده است توجه کنید: (من فهرست وار نقلشان می کنم )
محکومیت 8 ماه تعزیز تقی رحمانی و هدی صابر/محکوم کردن 10 نفر یه حکم اعدام به بهانه های وا هی وبرای زهر چشم گرفتن از مردم معترض خوزستان/ 5 سال تبعید دبیر انجمن صنفی کردستان /صدور چندحکم سنگسار/محاکمه دو دانشحوی دانشگاه یزد/ احضار وبازجویی خسرو سیف / دستگیری 11 نفر ار کارگران اخراج شده شرکت واحد/ دستگیری مجدد احمد باطبی/ قتل اکبرمحمدی در زندان اوین/
سرانجانم پدر ومادر محمدی را در فرودگاه از مردمی که با استقبال آمده بودند دور کردند. پیکره محمد ی را هم به همان شیوه ای که در باره زهرا کاظمی رفتار کرده بودند با عجله وبی توجه به خواست خانواده اش به خاک سپردند. این بود نتیجه حضور آقای گنجی در اروپا و آمریکای قبلا جهانخوار- ملاقات با شخصیت های جهانی، برگذاری اعتصاب غذای جهانی! حالا ببینیم شخصیت جهانی ای مثل گنجی که رژیم از او و موقعیتش می ترسد!! جدا از اقدامات نمایشی در مورد پرونده اکبر محمدی چه خواهد کرد؟
هر چند آقای گنجی خود خالق طرح بخشش عوامل سرکوب هستند و آنها که در اعدام مردم خوزستان سهم دارند- آنها که حکم سنگسارها را صادر می کنند، بازجویانی که در قتل اکبر محمدی دخالت داشتد- آنها که همچنان گردن میزنند، در زندان ها به زنان زندانی تجاوز می کنند- دختران جوان را به شیوخ می فروشند. هیچ نگران نباشند، همچنان به جنایت هایشان ادامه دهند وقتی خسته شدند خودشان را به کمیته حقیقت یاب آقای گنجی معرفی کنند؛ از اسلام بنیادگرا ببرند به اسلام راستین وصل شوند ورقه بخشودگیشان را از دست مبارک اکبر رهبر دریافت کنند. برای ماست مالی پرونده محمدی هم جای نگرانی نیست، پرونده را به خانم شیرین عبادی بسپارید او خودش بلد است تا با انتقاد آبکی از برخی از قوانین ج. اسلامی و آرزوی تغییر گام به گام آن تا 20 سال آینده - این پرونده را هم در کنار پرونده زهرا کاظمی بایگانی کند.
بصیر نصیبی اول اگوست 2006. زاربروکن / آلمان
* بلافاصله بعداز پخش خبر قتل محمدی -مسعود بهنود در مقاله ای فرصت طلبانه ، قلم فرسایی کرد ( دیگر نان به نرخ روز خور ها هم خواهندآمد) او که همیشه به اعتدال پایبند بود یک باره ودر یک چرخش حیرت آور مدافع رادیکالیسم شد.اما البته با این تفسیر که اینگونه رفتار به جوانی و خام اندیشی مرتبط است و با افزایش سن عقل هم تکامل پیدا می کند. مثال او مربوط است به عاقبت یوشکا فیشر ،وزیر امور خارجه سابق آلمان که از چریکی دست برداشت به دولت شرودر پیوست. در جنگ وتجاوز به بالکان با دولت شرودر همراهی کرد، فیشر که قبلا در مجلس آلمان، معترض رژیم جمهوری اسلامی ویکی نمایندگانی بود که علیه ج. اسلامی وجنایت می کونوس نطق های اثر گذار می کرد به بهترین دوست آخوندها تبدیل شدودر دوام رژیم سهم عمده ای بعهده گرفت؛ هم اکنون هم برای زد وبند با رژیم ودر مورد پرونده اتمی به دستبوس احمدی نژاد رفته است. بله آقای بهنود آرزوی چنین عاقبتی را برای رادیکال ها دارد. البته بهنود یادش رفت بگوید که این رفتار فیشر چگونه حزب معتبر سبزها را بی اعتبار کرد و چگونه در جلسه عمومی حزب، یکی اعضاء با ماده رنگی ضربه سختی به گوش آقای وزیر کوبید وعضو دیگر به شیوه ای دیگر که در دنیا هم متداول است کاملا عریان شد و صدای اعتراضش را اعلام کرد

There is a gathering today in Toronto, at Mel Lastman Square between 6-9pm in solidarity with the Iranian mothers who have lost their loved ones in the recent protests. Although I don't know the organizers, I think this is a great idea and I will be attending. Please spread the word about this event, and attend if you can.

با سلام
ضمیمه فراخوانی است برای همبستگی با مادران جانباختگان در تورنتو

فراخوان همبستگی با مادران جانباختگان

جمهوری اسلامی در طول 30 سال، مسیری خونین را پشت سر گذاشته است. دهه اول حاکمیت دیکتاتوری مذهبی با کشتار، زندان، شکنجه و اعدام های دستجمعی هواداران و اعضاء سازمان ها و احزاب کمونیست و انقلابی و کارگران و مردم مبارزی که خواهان ادامه انقلاب 57 بودند، شکل گرفت. اوج جنایتکاری رژیم اسلامی، قتل عام زندانیان سیاسی در سال 67 بود که به شکل گیری "مادران خاوران" انجامید تا مبارزه بر علیه فراموشی و دادخواهی را به پیش برند. مادران و خانواده هایی که در تمامی سالهای سکوت و سکون بعد از آن کشتارها و علیرغم همه فشارها و آزارها توانستند گورستان «لعنت آباد»، جائیکه فرزندان و بستگانشان را مخفیانه و بی هیچ نشانی دفن کرده بودند، به گلزار خاوران تبدیل کنند.
اکنون مادرانی که در هفته های اخير فرزندانشان کشته شده اند و يا از سرنوشت فرزندان خود بی خبر مانده اند، کميته "مادران عزادار" را تشکيل دادند. آنها در فراخوانی اعلام کرده اند که تا پايان دادن به خشونت ها و آزادی کليه زندانيانی که برای اعتراض به تقلب های انتخاباتی دستگير شده اند و مجازات قاتلان فرزندان شان شنبه های هر هفته از ساعت ۷ تا ۸ بعدازظهر در پارک لاله و ديگر پارک ها اجتماع خواهند کرد.
"شورای پشتیبانی از مبارزات مردم ايران (تورنتو ـ کانادا)" از همه ايرانيان آگاه و مبارز دعوت می کند که برای انعکاس هرچه بيشتر صدای خانواده های جانباختگان و حمايت از مبارزات آزاديخواهانه مردم ايران روز
شنبه اول آگوست 2009، از ساعت 6 تا 9 شب در میدان ”مل لستمن“
گرد هم آئیم و همبستگی خود را با این عزیزان نشان دهيم.

شوراى پشتیبانی از مبارزات مردم ايران ( تورنتو - کانادا )
٢5 جولاى ٢٠٠٩

برای ارتباط با ما با ایمیل زیر تماس حاصل نمائید.

Communication with foreign media, providing them with pictures and news about the protests are some of the charges faced by the accused.

By providing pictures and news to the foreign media about the protests, these individuals played a major role in manipulating public opinion, especially of those anti-Islamic Regime Iranians abroad.

The accused have confessed that they received money in return for providing pictures and news to Foreign media.

Majid Saeedi the son of Naser, one of the arrested photojournalists has stated:

“ I was present during the “illegal” demonstrations which took place at Enghelab Square, Azadi Square, Hafte Tir Square, Vali Asr Square and Baharestan Square. I took pictures durig these “illegal” protests and sent the pictures to an anti Revolutionary group Marzeporgohar in United States, Gitty Agency in England and Office of Sipah in France.”

The accused has also confessed that he was to receive $225 in return for the pictures. The accused did not have permission to take pictures from protests.

Given the seriousness of these allegations there is great concern for Mr. Saeedi’s safety.

According to news received from very reliable sources, Mr. Majid Saeedi’s trial is set to start this morning (August 1st 2009) at 9:10 am Tehran Time. According to this news source 100’s of prisoners will be present and they may all be tried at the same time.

Updates of the trial will be posted as they are received.