Yesterday Iran saw probably the biggest demonstration since the Revolution. The Regime media has announced that 13 people were killed and 100 wounded during the demonstrations. However according to CNN the number of people killed were between 19to 150 people. Many of us have seen the video of a young and beautiful girl named Neda be shot to death. I received an email from one of my contacts in Iran who said yesterday people were shouting death to the Islamic Regime!!!

“Yesterday there was huge Battle in all streets of Tehran.
One of the biggest street war in Tehran.............Even
the came our apartment. It was fearful. They fired to me a
color bullet in my back. Now it is red."

"Also you should know that all Slogans are against Khameni
and the Islamic Republic for the first time as you want.
I will send you the video that i recorded there."

According to Radio Farda demonstrations in Tehran continue today however not in any organized manner. There is no indication of number of protestors as of yet. There are small clutters of demonstrations in many areas in Tehran including Azadi street, however according to an eye witness interviewed by Radio Farda, the Basij and police are attacking people mercilessly as soon as the number of people starts to increase. They are also using tear gas and walking around with batons. According to this witness some Basiji’s are walking around with guns!

As many of you may be aware there is a protest on Queen Street by the Parliament in Toronto starting at 2 pm to show solidarity with the Iranian people. Today is the day to participate and demonstrate and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran. Our people are being shot to death on the streets, we must act today!

I am off to the protest and will write more when I get back.


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