Today protests in Tehran continued in the face of threats from Revolutionary Guards that they would be cracking down on protestors. According to Associated Press security forces used tear gas against protestors and shot bullets into the air to try to break up the protests. The demonstration took place in Hafe Tir Square with the heavy presence of police and security forces. There were also helicopters circling the area. According to Al Jazeera news (English site) there were at least 1000 protestors in Hafte Tir Square today.

Here are a few video’s from today’s protests in Tehran. In this video people are fighting back by throwing stones at security forces. This is video number 2

On a different note, in speaking to one of my sources in Iranian Kurdistan he confirmed that a boycott is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd 2009, people are scheduled to stay at home and all shops and stores are to be closed.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran


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