I attended the anti- [S]election demonstration yesterday, June 12th 2009 in front of the Islamic Regime’s Embassy in Ottawa. I believe this was one of the more successful demonstrations, because what took place was a true example of democracy.

Number of different political organizations participated in this protest including a number of communist and leftist parties, a Kurdish party and numerous Monarchist parties. There were also many people like myself and my father who did not belong to any political organization and attended as individuals.

What was beautiful about this protest and the reason I think it was so successful is, although there were so many different organizations with different ideologies, different flags and different pictures present, there was a real air of comradery between everyone. People were standing side b side in unity against the Islamic Regime. The microphone was being passed around to anyone who wanted to speak regardless of their ideology or the flag they were holding. It was beautiful to see and I was so proud to be an Iranian and be among these amazing people.

We are finally at a stage where not only do we understand the meaning of democracy, but we are implementing it. I strongly believe this is the only way to overthrow the Islamic Regime, and I am thrilled to see we are travelling on this path.


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