Protests in Tehran continued today even though the streets were full of security and Basij forces attacking and even shooting protestors. According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” every major street and even smaller streets were lined with security forces, Sepahe Pasdaran and Basij, there was an air of Martial Law in Tehran today.

According to this news agency, the protests started around 6pm at different locations in Tehran. Around 6pm more than 1000 demonstrators gathered in Enghelab Square and protested with the slogan of “death to the dictator.” There were also about 1000 protestors in Vali Asr Square, shouting the same slogan of “death to dictator.” The protestors started walking towards Vanak and Shariati around 7pm. In Enghelab Square security forces attacked the protestors with batons and arrested number of the protestors. This is a video of protests in Tehran today, where at least one protestor is shot in the head.

There were also protests in Tehran University and I was able to find two video’s of this protest.

Payam News Agency reports of protests in Tajrish and Yousef Abad, with demonstrators shouting “Death to Dictator.” Further according to news from this news Agency 1000’s of protestors have been detained in the Evin Prison. According to this news report Section 209 of the Evin Prison which consists of solitary cells are housing 6 prisoners per cell. Section 8 of the prison which can house about 150 prisoners has more than 700 prisoners who have all been arrested during the protests. Section 240 and 241 of the Prison which also contains solitary cells contains 3 prisoners per cell and Section 7 of the prison which is the basement is filled with hundreds of prisoners. There is news of some of these male prisoners especially the younger ones being raped by prison officials.

The protests continued throughout the night and the slogans of “Alaho Akbar” and “Death to Dictator” could be heard from rooftops from 10:00pm to 10:30pm. This is a short clip from tonight’s rooftop protests.

In Toronto the pro-democracy demonstrations in support of Iranians continued despite the heavy rain. From 7pm to 9pm Iranians gathered at the Iranian Plaza at Yonge and Steeles with Lion and Sun Flags in support and solidarity with the Iranian people. These protests will continue everyday and I urge all Iranians and non-Iranians to join us at this difficult time and show support and solidarity for the Iranian people who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime

Long Live Freedom in Iran


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