Irwin Cotler, who is special counsel on human rights and international justice to the Liberal Party is introducing the Iran Accountability Act in the Canadian Parliament today.

This bill focuses on Islamic Regime’s genocidal threats against the state of Israel, their nuclear ambitions as well as human rights violations committed by the Regime against the Iranian people.

The bill seeks to divest Canada from Investment in Iran, freeze the assets of those that contribute to Iran’s nuclear or military infrastructure as well as bring the Islamic Regime to Justice through recognized principles of international law.

It must be mentioned that the bill clearly distinguishes between the Islamic Regime and the Iranian people, recognizing that the Iranian people are the object of Islamic Regimes human rights violations.

As Canadians we must take this opportunity to write to our MP’s to show our support for this bill, which will ultimately hold the Regime internationally accountable for all of its crimes. I strongly believe if there was ever a time for us Iranian/Canadians to act this is the time. We have to show the Canadian government through our support of this initiative that passing of this bill will create great hope and joy for all freedom loving Iranians.


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