I am happy to see the Canadian Government is taking a strong stand against what is going on in Iran right now. I hpe they will also open the Canadian Embassy in Tehran for the wounded and those who need help. Once again a reminder that there will be a demonstration at Queens Park tomorow (Sunday June 21st at 2pm) It's very important that everyone attends.

By THE CANADIAN PRESS – 12 minutes ago

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is condemning the Iranian government's use of violence to stifle what he says is peaceful dissent by protesters.

The federal Liberal leader issued a statement Saturday saying "We mourn each life lost as a result of the Government of Iran's unjust actions, and share the anguish and outrage of Canadians of Iranian origin at the suppression of peaceful protest and the apparent denial of fully free and fair elections."

He also encouraged the Canadian government to do all it can to help the injured at its embassy in Tehran.

Reports emerging from Iran this weekend, largely through online social media, show images of bloodshed among protesters and clashes with government police forces.

Ignatieff says in his statement that "By answering the call for open and transparent elections with a violent disregard for the rights of its citizens, the Iranian government has further alienated itself from the international community."

Iran's reformist opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, apparently isn't backing down in the face of a threatened crackdown on protests by his supporters. Mousavi has released a statement demanding that last week's presidential vote be annulled.


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