According to my source in Tehran as of last night there were big demonstrations in many Iranian cities including Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Esfehan, Kermanshah and Orumiyeh just to name a few. In Azadi Square the police attacked the protestors with batons and tear gas.

Also protestors tried to take over the Basij Station in Azadi Square, which is one of the biggest Basij stations in Tehran. They were able to take the Basij sign down, however they were shot at by the Basij. People also shouted “death to dictator.”

According to Radio Farda Tabriz University has cancelled exams and has asked students to leave the dormitories otherwise they will be attacked by the Militia group Ansare Hezbollah. There are protests both in the University and in the city. Students have been wounded and arrested.

Protests continue today in Tehran, starting at Hafte Tir Square. Many stores are also closed in protest. More protests are scheduled in Tehran tomorrow starting at “Toopkhune”


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