It has come to my attention that certain pro-Islamic Regime elements in Toronto are supporting the sham Presidential [S]election in Iran. The Iranian Student Union of U of T is providing transportation to and from Ottawa for any students who might want to vote in this [S]election.

Perhaps these “students” need a reminder that Canada is a democratic country which has taken a very strong stand against the crimes committed by the Islamic Regime of Iran. Furthermore many of us freedom loving Iranians have fled from the Islamic Regime in fear of our lives, and come to Canada to live in a free and democratic society, away from the threats of the Islamic Regime.

As Canadians we must remember that besides being a major threat to its’ own people The Islamic Regime is a global threat to the entire international community. The Islamic Regime is involved in funding many terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and has threatened to wipe Israel off the world map. As Canadians it is our responsibility to identify and isolate these Regime elements in Canada (including students in The Iranian Student Union of U of T). It is our responsibility to show these Regime Agents that this type of pro-dictatorship, pro-terrorism and anti-human rights behavior will not be tolerated in a free and democratic country such as Canada.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor


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