The Anti-Islamic Regime protests in Toronto continue. Yesterday afternoon a large group of Iranians attended at the Iranian Plaza (Yonge/Steels) to participate in this protest. The protest started at 6 pm and lasted well over 10pm. Around 8pm the protestors started a walk towards Mel Lastman square, shouting slogans such as “down with the Islamic Regime” “Freedom for Iran” “Democracy for Iran” “Don’t be afraid we are all together” “We support Iranian Students” and “Free political prisoners in Iran.” The protestors arrived back at the Iranian plaza round 9:30 pm and the protest ended shortly after.

Many protestors were carrying the beloved Lion and Sun flag while many leftist activists were carrying red banners which the message “Freedom and Equality.” What was really wonderful to see was the fact that a number of people were carrying the Lion and Sun flag and the Red flag simultaneously. This goes to show that we have learned to accept each other’s differences and can stand united regardless of those differences against the Islamic Regime.

This was a very successful and peaceful demonstration and once again there was a real air of comradery between the demonstrators. This protest has given me renewed energy, I am back with great moral and ready to continue the fight against the Islamic Regime.

It must be noted that there will be a demonstration organized by leftist activists on Sunday June 21st 2009 at 2pm in Mel Lastman Square.

Long Live Freedom in Iran
Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran


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