Protests in Tehran continued today even though the streets were full of security and Basij forces attacking and even shooting protestors. According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” every major street and even smaller streets were lined with security forces, Sepahe Pasdaran and Basij, there was an air of Martial Law in Tehran today.

According to this news agency, the protests started around 6pm at different locations in Tehran. Around 6pm more than 1000 demonstrators gathered in Enghelab Square and protested with the slogan of “death to the dictator.” There were also about 1000 protestors in Vali Asr Square, shouting the same slogan of “death to dictator.” The protestors started walking towards Vanak and Shariati around 7pm. In Enghelab Square security forces attacked the protestors with batons and arrested number of the protestors. This is a video of protests in Tehran today, where at least one protestor is shot in the head.

There were also protests in Tehran University and I was able to find two video’s of this protest.

Payam News Agency reports of protests in Tajrish and Yousef Abad, with demonstrators shouting “Death to Dictator.” Further according to news from this news Agency 1000’s of protestors have been detained in the Evin Prison. According to this news report Section 209 of the Evin Prison which consists of solitary cells are housing 6 prisoners per cell. Section 8 of the prison which can house about 150 prisoners has more than 700 prisoners who have all been arrested during the protests. Section 240 and 241 of the Prison which also contains solitary cells contains 3 prisoners per cell and Section 7 of the prison which is the basement is filled with hundreds of prisoners. There is news of some of these male prisoners especially the younger ones being raped by prison officials.

The protests continued throughout the night and the slogans of “Alaho Akbar” and “Death to Dictator” could be heard from rooftops from 10:00pm to 10:30pm. This is a short clip from tonight’s rooftop protests.

In Toronto the pro-democracy demonstrations in support of Iranians continued despite the heavy rain. From 7pm to 9pm Iranians gathered at the Iranian Plaza at Yonge and Steeles with Lion and Sun Flags in support and solidarity with the Iranian people. These protests will continue everyday and I urge all Iranians and non-Iranians to join us at this difficult time and show support and solidarity for the Iranian people who are fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran.

Down with the Islamic Regime

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Arrest of protestors in Iran continues on a major scale. According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists” in Iran not only are people being arrested on the streets, but security forces are actually raiding hospitals, rounding up wounded protestors and taking them to “unknown locations.”

Security forces and Basij are also raiding peoples’ homes, in search of protestors. At night they raid peoples’ homes who shout “Allaho Akbar” or “Down with Dictator” on their rooftops, arrest people and take them to unknown locations. Names of a few individuals who have been arrested so far are Mr. Akbar Aghayi (27), Mr. Omid Khatami (26), Mr. Ali Aghili (18) and Mr. Masoud Asgari. However these are only a few names, from hundreds of people who have been arrested so far.

There is also news of two students Mr. Hossein Rahimi and Mr. Amin Nik Zade from Ahvaz University, in the City of Ahvaz who have been arrested and taken to an “unknown location.”

Further, reports from “Payam News” indicate continued protests, by the families of protestors who have been arrested in the past two weeks. On Saturday June 27th 2009 once again the families of those arrested gathered in front of the Evin Prison trying to get information about their loved ones, however they were not successful, and prison officials refused to speak to the families.

According to other news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran” brutal attacks on protestors also continue. According to this report at least 8 people were wounded yesterday (Saturday June 27th 2009) in Enghelab Square, Laleh Park and Keshavarz Blvd. between 7pm and 8:40pm. At least 3 women and 5 men were seriously wounded during these protests. The names of some of the individuals who were wounded are Mr. Mohsen Momeni (26), Mr. Keyhan Sohrabi (26), Mr. Ali Farali Bakhsh (20) and Ms. Farzaneh D.

Change for Equality Website reports on the arrest of mothers who have lost their children during these protests. On Saturday June 27th mothers of those who have lost their children during these protests gathered in Laleh Park in Tehran. There were no slogans, no flags or signs. Many of the mothers were carrying candles or the pictures of their children, and standing in silence, perhaps wanting their silence to speak for them. According to news from this site Laleh Park was full of security forces that attacked the mothers without mercy, insulted, threatened and beat them. At least 20 of these mothers were arrested and taken to an unknown location.

The struggle of Iranian people for freedom and democracy continues...
In solidarity with all the mother’s who have lost their loved ones in the past two weeks.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Long Live Freedom in Iran

Today was a day of victory for the Iranian people and the Lion and Sun Flag in Toronto. Despite threats from Regime Agents/Mousavi supporters Yonge Street was full of Lion and Sun Flags flying high.

Up until yesterday Regime Agents were handing out flyers and threatening people with street fights, if anyone dared to bring a Lion and Sun Flag to the protest. However something must have happened between yesterday and today because the Regime Agents were nowhere to be seen today. Instead Iranian people were united under the Lion and Sun Flag all along Yonge Street, starting around Sheppard and Yonge and continuing all the way close to Richmond Hill.

One thing has become very clear, Islamic Regime and its agents are terrified of the Lion and Sun Flag. The reason for this is that the Lion and Sun Flag is the only symbol that unites the Iranian people, regardless of their beliefs and ideas. This is the very last thing the Islamic Regime wants, because the Regime knows that if people are able to put away their differences and unite, they will become that much closer to freedom and democracy in Iran.

A clear example of this could be seen today, when the Iranian people gathered on Yonge Street, with different ideologies and beliefs, standing side by side under the Lion and Sun Flag. Regime Agents who were threatening and intimidating protestors yesterday were nowhere to be seen today. It is clear that when people unite the Regime Agents back down.

Today was a great victory for the Iranian people and the Lion and Sun Flag, in Toronto. I see the unity between us is growing, and continuing to become stronger every day; freedom of Iran is getting closer by this unity under our national Lion and Sun Flag

Reminder that we will have another protest on Sunday June 28th 2009 at Mel Lastman Square at 6pm. I hope to see everyone there with their Lion and Sun Flags. It promises to be a great event.

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom in Iran

Yesterday I attended what I thought was a pro-democracy demonstration in Mel Lastman Square. As I arrived I realized that this was once again a pro-Mousavi, pro-Islamic Regime demonstration. Once again there were no Lion and Sun flags except a few scattered ones carried by individuals who were standing apart from this crowd. The demonstrators were wearing mostly black and had green balloons or green headbands or wristbands.

A guy wearing all black was distributing flyers about the Solidarity with Iran demonstration which is to take place today, Sunday June 27th 2009. I asked him why they were threatening people in their flyer by saying those carrying Lion and Sun Flags would be attacked. He would not give me a straight answer, I asked him who the organizer of this event was and once again he would not answer, and he could not get away from me fast enough.

I climbed the stairs on the left side of Mel Lastman Square and stood with a number of other people who were carrying Lion and Sun Flags. I started listening to a speech that was being made by one of the speakers. This speaker was talking about how after the bloody revolution of 1979 people were free to vote for their representatives, and that today the people’s vote should be respected!!

How anyone could claim something so ridiculous is beyond me, since 1979 there has been no such a thing as a free election in Iran. The Islamic Fundamentalists have taken over our country and have suppressed any sign of opposition by imprisoning, torturing, raping and executing people who oppose them. The audacity of these Regime Agents to make such claims about free elections in Iran boggles my mind!!
Upon hearing this I started shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran,” a few people joined in but not very many. Some people wanted to wait until the event organized by these Regime agents to finish before we started shouting slogans. I had to remind them that freedom loving people in Iran were not allowed to hold any events, or participate in any demonstrations freely. Did the Regime let Neda or others like her finish their event before shooting them to death?

I kept on shouting “Down with the Islamic Regime” until I saw about 5-6 guys, dressed all in black, with Islamic beards, sunglasses and soldier like arm bands come up to me. The surrounded me, and although they did not touch me they completely invaded my personal space and started screaming at me and telling me to shut up. I started shouting “Down with Basiji” until they left me alone a few minutes later. I went to the police and complained however the two police officers who were present looked at me like I was crazy. They told me they would not get involved unless someone was actually physically assaulted. They also indicated that they knew the event organizer and they would not get involved unless a complaint was made by the event organizer.

Up to this point the Toronto Police has been amazing in protecting the protestors and quite vigilant. I was shocked to see the reaction of these two police officers. For the first time since my arrival in Canada I do not feel safe, because I saw with my own eyes police watching while pro-democracy protestors including myself were being intimidated and threatened by Basij and Regime Agents in Canada. By the end of the protest two pro-democracy protestors were arrested by these police officers, however there were no repercussions for Regime Agents who were intimidating pro-democracy protestors who had the Lion and Sun Flag.

I also had a chance to speak to a freelance photographer who was taking pictures during the protest, he told me that some of these Regime Agents were taking his picture and that he was quite intimidated. The Regime Agents also took plenty of photos of me and anyone else who was carrying the Lion and Sun Flag. I also spoke to an elderly lady who told me her 80 year old husband had been beaten by these Regime Agents last Tuesday and had to be hospitalized. For a moment I felt like I was in Iran. How could such things happen in Canada??

If this is the way Basij and Regime Agents deal with protestors in Canada, I can only imagine what they do to people who are actually inside Iran. I will be attending another protest today with my Lion and Sun and a Canadian Flag, and I am going even though I know there is a great chance I might be assaulted for carrying those Flags.

My only two questions are where is the Canadian Government and the Toronto Police when pro-democracy demonstrators are being threatened and intimidated by Regime Agents? Why are they watching passively and not protecting their citizens? The only thing I want is freedom and democracy in Iran, why do I have to be threatened for that and feel unsafe in a country that I love and has been my home for more than 15 years?

Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran
Long Live Freedom and Democracy in Iran

By: Sayeh Hassan

As many of you may be aware a protest has been organized in Toronto for Saturday June 27th 2009 on Yonge Street, supposedly in Solidarity with the Iranian People. A few disturbing facts about this protest:

1. There is no indication what so ever about who the organizers of this protest are. Generally when organizing a protest and handing out flyers or leaflets the organizers of a protest leave their contact information so that people can contact them with comments and questions. However in this case the protest is being organized very anonymously.

2. Tonight (June 25th 2009) during the nightly pro-democracy protests which takes place in the Iranian Plaza on Yonge and Steeles, individuals involved with the organization of Solidarity with Iran Protest were handing out leaflets which had information about the protest. On the bottom of this flyer there is a disturbing and threatening message written in capital letters and I quote:


The flyer was directly printed off from a facebook page called “Solidarity for Iran”, however when I logged onto facebook and checked that very same page I saw that they had deleted this message from their facebook message.

I don’t know if the message was deleted because they realized that in Canada you cannot threaten people with physical assault, and arrest by police, or whether they just didn’t want to leave any evidence behind, that they were pre-meditating to assault protestors who had the Lion and Sun Flag.

Anyone who has been involved with the Iranian pro-democracy movement knows that the Islamic Regime is extremely fearful of the Lion and Sun Flag, in fact when Khomeini came to power in 1979 the very first thing he did was to change the symbol of Lion and Sun Flag! So it does not come as a surprise that Regime supporters and sympathizers in Toronto would try everything they can including resorting to violence to prevent people from carrying this flag!

I see this as a direct attack on freedom loving Iranian people who are peacefully working towards overthrowing the Islamic Regime and who carry the Iranian Lion and Sun Flag as a national symbol.

I urge all freedom loving Iranian people who have been carrying their Lion and Sun flags during the protests in the past two weeks to attend this protest with their flags held up high, to show solidarity and support for the Iranian people who are risking everything they have for freedom and democracy in Iran. We must show these Islamic Regime supporters that we will not be intimidated or scared of their threats!
I find it very interesting that people (who are unknown) who claim to be fighting for freedom have no problem trying to limit other people’s freedom by even resorting to threats of physical assault and violence.

We must remind these Regime Sympathizers that we do not live under the rule of Islamic Regime and even though this kind of behaviour may be accepted and very well received by the Islamic Regime, it will not be tolerated in Canada.

I know I will be there with a Lion and Sun Flag and so will many of my friends, there is no amount of threat that can stop us from fighting for what we believe in, which is freedom and democracy in Iran.
Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran and its Supporters in Canada
Long Live Freedom in Iran

By Sayeh Hassan
Barrister and Solicitor

The following news release has been posted about the Baha'i leaders in Iran. These women and men have been unjustly held in the notorious Evin prison for over a year - on charges that are entirely based on their religious beliefs. As an Iranian human rights activist and researcher, I stand in complete opposition to the actions of the government of Iran. I know members of the Baha'i community personally, and have witnessed their deep love and affinity with Iran, even among Baha’is who are themselves non-Iranian. Thus making such charges of espionage all the more outrageous and false.

The brutality and violence the Iranian government is demonstrating to members of their own population, whether prisoners of conscience, or those on the streets of Tehran, must absolutely stop.

The world is watching, as are the people of Iran, and the time is upon us when such injustice will not be tolerated. I stand in solidarity with Baha'i leaders in Iran, and all the members of this community, as well as all ethnic and religious minorities in Iran.

The story reads:

Reports of a trial date for Baha'i leaders falsely accused of espionage
24 June 2009

According to information conveyed by the authorities in Evin prison to the family members of the seven Baha'is who have been imprisoned in Tehran, Iran, for over a year, their trial date has been set for 11 July 2009. This information has been provided to the family members only orally and, as information conveyed by officials concerning the judicial process has often proved unreliable, it is possible that the Iranian authorities may find some reason to change the trial date.

The seven were arrested in the spring of 2008 and have been held more than a year without formal charges or access to their attorneys. Official Iranian news reports have said the Baha'is will be accused of "espionage for Israel, insulting religious sanctities and propaganda against the Islamic Republic."

The trial is apparently scheduled to be held at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court. This is where American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was recently convicted of espionage and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment. She was eventually released, but only after an international outcry at the clear politicization of the case and manifestly unjust legal procedures.

"These seven individuals are facing completely false charges," said Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations. "They - along with the some 30 other Baha'is currently in prison in Iran - are innocent of any wrongdoing and are being held solely because of their religious beliefs."

I wish nothing but the best for the people of this noble land. A country that saw the birth of the Baha’i Faith, and a nation with a bright and glorious future.

By: Donna Hakimian

According to numerous sources including CNN, Global News and Radio Farda, protests in Tehran continued today Wednesday June 24th in Baharestan Square. According to global news the protests turned extremely violent with security forces attacking the people mercilessly, beating them, shooting at them and throwing protestors off the bridge! There were also reports of militia groups running around with axes and attacking protestors with it. Tear gas was also used to try to suppress the protests.

Radio Farda confirmed the protests in Baharestan square, reporting on the fact that security forces were attacking and beating protestors with batons. Further at 10pm on Wednesday night thousands of people started shouting “Alaho Akbar” and “Death to Dictator” on their rooftops, this continued for about an hour on Wednesday night. Further according to Radio Farda Mir Hossin Mousavi has announced that the protests on Wednesday were not in any were organized by him and were in fact completely independent.

This is a video of a young protestor being shot to death and another video where protestors are shouting "Death to Dictator"

This is a CNN Video where a young student is describing what happened during the protest today. She indicates that around 500 security forces attacked the people on Sadi Bridge and threw some people off the bridge. They beat a woman so savagely that her husband who was there as well fainted. In Lalezar security forces were shooting people. She is asking the international community to help the Iranian people.

Also pro-democracy protests in major cities all over the world continue in support and solidarity with the Iranian people. In Toronto there is a pro-democracy protest everyday at 7pm in the Iranian Plaza on Yonge and Steeles. On Thursday June 25th 2009 the protest will be dedicated to Neda the young woman who was shot by security forces during protests as well as all freedom loving men and women who have lost their lives in the past two weeks. The organizers have asked that those in attendance bring a candle and a white rose in honour of their memories.
In Solidarity with Freedom Loving People in iran
Down with the Islamic Regime

Today protests in Tehran continued in the face of threats from Revolutionary Guards that they would be cracking down on protestors. According to Associated Press security forces used tear gas against protestors and shot bullets into the air to try to break up the protests. The demonstration took place in Hafe Tir Square with the heavy presence of police and security forces. There were also helicopters circling the area. According to Al Jazeera news (English site) there were at least 1000 protestors in Hafte Tir Square today.

Here are a few video’s from today’s protests in Tehran. In this video people are fighting back by throwing stones at security forces. This is video number 2

On a different note, in speaking to one of my sources in Iranian Kurdistan he confirmed that a boycott is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday June 23rd 2009, people are scheduled to stay at home and all shops and stores are to be closed.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom in Iran

I attended the “Solidarity with Iran” protest on Queens Park today, and tonight I want to write a personal account of what I encountered, since what I came face to face with at this protest was almost as disturbing as the news that has been coming out of Iran since the elections.

I arrived around 2:30pm and by that time thousands of Iranians had gathered, I could see hundreds of Lion and Sun Flags, and of course as always I had my flag with me and I was holding it up high. As I arrived one thing I noticed was green wearing Mousavi supporters, of course without flags, and some of them with the sign “Where is my Vote.” I ended up standing beside some of these people for a while and heard them make a offensive comment about the Lion and Sun Flag, which led me to hold my flag even higher. For anyone who might not be aware, when the Islamic Regime came to power the first thing they did was to change the Iranian flag, however to this day the Lion and Sun flag is widely used and accepted by anti-Islamic Regime Iranians, and is a great symbol of nationalism.

About an hour into this protest and still there were no slogans, just some speeches, nothing really about the Islamic Regime and it’s crimes, only talk about the fact that the Presidential [S]election may have been fraudulent. Many of the speakers also claimed that the only reason people were out in the streets in Iran was because they were displeased with the result of the [S]elections. Many people seem to have forgotten the fact that Ahmadinejad has only been the President for four (4) years however the Islamic Regime including Mousavi who was the Prime Minister from 1981 to 1988 have been carrying out their crimes against the Iranian people for 30 years!

As much as Mousavi supporters who are really supporting the Islamic Regime and are only asking for a different president from within this Regime, or the Western Media try to make it seem like people are unhappy about [S]election results, there are many Iranians on the streets saying “death to the Islamic Regime.”

I was a strong supporter of boycott of the [S]elections, however and unfortunately people went out and voted. What the international community needs to realize is the fact the Iranian people were given a choice between Ahmadinjad or someone that in their eyes seemed to be better than Ahmadinejad (which isn’t saying much). The people did not have the choice to have a free election and decide the kind of government that they wanted! Therefore many decided to choose between bad and worse in a desperate attempt for change. This does not mean that Iranian people support the Islamic Regime by any means!

Back to the protest, after about an hour I and a few people that were standing beside me started shouting anti Regime slogans such as “Down with the Islamic Regime” and “Mousavi is just an excuse, the entire Regime has been targeted.” This did not go well with Regime Supporters who tried their best to make us stop. We had to remind them that we were in Canada and could make use of freedom of speech and expression. While my brothers and sisters in Iran are shouting “death to the Islamic Regime” and getting shot for it, I am not going to be staying quiet in a safe and free country like Canada.

So myself and a few other amazing women gathered and went directly in the middle of the crowd and started shouting anti Islamic Slogans. I was quite amused when one of these reformist/Regime apologists came up to me and told me we shouldn’t say anything anti-Regime since we were there for peace. I would really like to know where was this peace these people were talking about when a young woman named Neda and tens of other people were murdered on the streets of Tehran yesterday?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I attend demonstrations because I don’t believe the Islamic Regime is capable or worthy of reform. I believe the only way Iran will be free is if the Islamic Regime is totally and completely removed from power. I don’t go to protests to appease Regime supporters! I go to protests to make sure the voices of my sisters and brothers in Iran are heard loud and clear.

I must note that 90% of reformist/regime apologists were young students, and who can blame them? If they say “down with the Islamic Regime,” who will pay their way, so that they can study in some of the best universities in Canada? It’s a small price to pay, having to walk over the blood of their brothers and sisters for a free education in Canada!

As freedom loving Iranians we have to stand up for our brothers and sisters in Iran, we have to make sure we are present at every event and every protest, and not to allow these bursary students who are only looking out for their own interests to con the world into thinking Iranian people only have a problem with Ahmadinejad. As many Iranians have been saying Mousavi is just an excuse, and the entire Regime is a target!

The only way for a free Iran is total removal of Islamic Regime including Mousavi who is responsible for the execution of thousands of political prisoners in 1988. Therefore my slogan is Down With the Islamic Regime, and long live freedom in Iran.

PS: I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Toronto Police for their presence at this event.

Yesterday Iran saw probably the biggest demonstration since the Revolution. The Regime media has announced that 13 people were killed and 100 wounded during the demonstrations. However according to CNN the number of people killed were between 19to 150 people. Many of us have seen the video of a young and beautiful girl named Neda be shot to death. I received an email from one of my contacts in Iran who said yesterday people were shouting death to the Islamic Regime!!!

“Yesterday there was huge Battle in all streets of Tehran.
One of the biggest street war in Tehran.............Even
the came our apartment. It was fearful. They fired to me a
color bullet in my back. Now it is red."

"Also you should know that all Slogans are against Khameni
and the Islamic Republic for the first time as you want.
I will send you the video that i recorded there."

According to Radio Farda demonstrations in Tehran continue today however not in any organized manner. There is no indication of number of protestors as of yet. There are small clutters of demonstrations in many areas in Tehran including Azadi street, however according to an eye witness interviewed by Radio Farda, the Basij and police are attacking people mercilessly as soon as the number of people starts to increase. They are also using tear gas and walking around with batons. According to this witness some Basiji’s are walking around with guns!

As many of you may be aware there is a protest on Queen Street by the Parliament in Toronto starting at 2 pm to show solidarity with the Iranian people. Today is the day to participate and demonstrate and show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Iran. Our people are being shot to death on the streets, we must act today!

I am off to the protest and will write more when I get back.

I am happy to see the Canadian Government is taking a strong stand against what is going on in Iran right now. I hpe they will also open the Canadian Embassy in Tehran for the wounded and those who need help. Once again a reminder that there will be a demonstration at Queens Park tomorow (Sunday June 21st at 2pm) It's very important that everyone attends.

By THE CANADIAN PRESS – 12 minutes ago

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is condemning the Iranian government's use of violence to stifle what he says is peaceful dissent by protesters.

The federal Liberal leader issued a statement Saturday saying "We mourn each life lost as a result of the Government of Iran's unjust actions, and share the anguish and outrage of Canadians of Iranian origin at the suppression of peaceful protest and the apparent denial of fully free and fair elections."

He also encouraged the Canadian government to do all it can to help the injured at its embassy in Tehran.

Reports emerging from Iran this weekend, largely through online social media, show images of bloodshed among protesters and clashes with government police forces.

Ignatieff says in his statement that "By answering the call for open and transparent elections with a violent disregard for the rights of its citizens, the Iranian government has further alienated itself from the international community."

Iran's reformist opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, apparently isn't backing down in the face of a threatened crackdown on protests by his supporters. Mousavi has released a statement demanding that last week's presidential vote be annulled.

Despite heavy rain, close to 200 freedom loving Iranians gathered at the Iranian Plaza at Yonge and Steeles to protest for freedom and democracy in Iran. The Iranian Lion and Sun flag was flying high as far as the eye could see. The demonstrators shouted slogans such as “Down with the Islamic Regime” “Down with the Dictator” “Freedom for Iran” “Democracy for Iran” and “human rights for Iran.” The demonstration started at 6pm at the plaza. At around 6:30 protestors started march down Yonge street while shouting the slogans mentioned above. The Walk lasted close to 2.5 hours. It should also be mentioned that Yonge street was full of cars adorned with our beloved Lion and Sun flag beeping their horns and showing support for the protestors. Once again there was a great air of comradery between the protestors.

There will be a protest tomorrow Sunday June 21st at 2:00pm by the Canadian Parliament on Queens Park. For everyone who can, please attend as this will be a very important demonstration.

In solidarity with Iranian people who have risked their lives by coming out and fighting against the Islamic Regime.

Down with the Islamic Regime
Long Live Freedom

According to news received from the Kurdistan of Iran, in order to show solidarity with the rest of the protestors in Iran the Kurdistan province has announced a province wide strike to be commenced this Tuesday (June 23rd 2009). On this day everyone will stay home and all stores in all cities of Kurdistan will be closed.

خبر مهم: مردم کردستان همصدا با مردم کل ایران،در اعتراض به کشتار جوانان،در اعتراض به دیکتاتوری،در اعتراض به کودتا و در همبستگی با معترضین در همه نقاط دنیا،روز سه شنبه را روز اعتصاب عمومی اعلام کردند.در این روز مردم تمامی شهرهای کردستان در خانه ها می مانند و مغازه ها و بازار یکپارچه تعطیل خواهند کرد.این فراخوان با مشارکت شخصیتهای سیاسی و مدنی کرد و گروههای سیاسی و مدنی در کردستان همراه خواهد بود .25

There will be another anti-Islamic Regime protest today starting at 6pm at the Iranian Plaza (Yonge and Steels). At 7pm the protestors will start walking towards Mel Lastman Square. Today is a very important day as many freedom loving Iranians are being massacred by the Islamic Regime as we speak. Please come out and show your support and solidarity with the Iranian people.

According to one of my contacts who was present during today’s protest in Tehran security forces have opened fire on protestors. My contact witnessed the shooting of three (3)protestors. Right now as we speak security forces have attacked protestors in the Amir Abad Area.

There are also Regime helicopters circling the area, they are mostly Sepah helicopters and to a lesser degree police helicopters.

Another eyewitness has seen a young girl shot to death in Jalalzadeh street.

People are also shouting "death to dictator" "Seyed Ali Pinochet, Iran Chili Nemishe" meaning Ali khameni Pinochet, Iran won't be another Chili"

I will write as soon as I receive any new information.

According to Mehr News Agency there was an attempt to bomb the grave of Khomeini. According to this news agency a suicide bomber attempted to blow up the grave site and lost his life during this operation.

I find it impossible to accept that an Iranian person would carry out a suicide bombing operation. Iranian people are not suicide bombers and they are not terrorists. Suicide bombing is something that is done mostly by Palestinians.

This may very well be staged by the Islamic Regime itself (as they are a big supporter of terrorism) just to give the Regime more excuse to crack down on the Iranian People.

Down with the Islamic Regime

According to news from Radio Farda the Islamic Regime security forces have closed the area around “Enghelab Square” and started throwing tear gas at the protesters. As well they have attacked the protestors with batons and other weapons, in the most brutal way.

In Esfehan and Shiraz there were also protests and again security forces have tried to crack down and have attacked the protestors.

I will try to post updates as soon as I recieve any news.

The Anti-Islamic Regime protests in Toronto continue. Yesterday afternoon a large group of Iranians attended at the Iranian Plaza (Yonge/Steels) to participate in this protest. The protest started at 6 pm and lasted well over 10pm. Around 8pm the protestors started a walk towards Mel Lastman square, shouting slogans such as “down with the Islamic Regime” “Freedom for Iran” “Democracy for Iran” “Don’t be afraid we are all together” “We support Iranian Students” and “Free political prisoners in Iran.” The protestors arrived back at the Iranian plaza round 9:30 pm and the protest ended shortly after.

Many protestors were carrying the beloved Lion and Sun flag while many leftist activists were carrying red banners which the message “Freedom and Equality.” What was really wonderful to see was the fact that a number of people were carrying the Lion and Sun flag and the Red flag simultaneously. This goes to show that we have learned to accept each other’s differences and can stand united regardless of those differences against the Islamic Regime.

This was a very successful and peaceful demonstration and once again there was a real air of comradery between the demonstrators. This protest has given me renewed energy, I am back with great moral and ready to continue the fight against the Islamic Regime.

It must be noted that there will be a demonstration organized by leftist activists on Sunday June 21st 2009 at 2pm in Mel Lastman Square.

Long Live Freedom in Iran
Down with the Islamic Regime in Iran

Dear Friends,

As many of you may be aware recently Mr. Irwin Cotler, a Canadian MP instroduced a new bill called Iran Accountability Act in the Canadian Parlimaent. The purpose of this Act is to isolate the Islamic Regime and to hold them accountable for their crims through internationally recognized means.

I have prepared a petition called We Support the Iran Accountability Act which shows support for this Act and asks the Canadian Government to adopt it. Please sign this petition and circulate it as widely as possible.

This post is written by my good friend Donna Hakimian. I want to thank her for contributing to my blog at such a crucial time. I hope everyone will enjoy reading it as much as i did.

On streets across Iran we see courage and violence, we see fear and hope. What one cannot see with physical eyes, but can most definitely perceive, is a people banding together in the hopes of a society in which the rights of all are respected, and ultimately a life of freedom. We also see silent and peaceful protests. We see women, and men, young and old. We see change.

On the streets of Tehran, a city I have been dreaming of for as long as I can remember, a turning point is in the people’s midst. Somewhere between Vali Asr Street and Ferdowsi Square a new life, a renewal, has been breathed into the hearts and minds of people. But what of this city, and what significance does a city the whole world is watching have?

Bahá’u’lláh states regarding Tehran.

“It is Our wish to remember the Abode of supreme blissfulness (Tihrán), the holy and shining city—the city wherein the fragrance of the Well-Beloved hath been shed, wherein His signs have been diffused, wherein the evidences of His glory have been revealed, wherein His standards have been raised, wherein His tabernacle hath been pitched, wherein each of His wise decrees hath been unfolded.”
(Bahá’u’lláh, 346,

In another passage he writes:

“Let nothing grieve thee, O Land of Tá (Tihrán), for God hath chosen thee to be the source of the joy of all mankind.”
(Bahá’u’lláh, 346,

For Bahá’u’lláh the concept of justice is central, and the well being of mankind is hinged upon this. So when one sees such a gross injustice in the violation of people's rights we wonder why and how it can prevail? But humanity is awakening, and the world is watching it all so closely.

It is particularly inspiring to see how such a cross section of young Iranians, many of whom who have never had the chance to visit their homeland, have been working tirelessly to get the news out the past few days. Or those non-Iranian supporters of freedom, twittering and writing extensively about the situation. One such friend, a young Canadian, and former classmate at McGill, has been active on twitter from his job post in North Africa, and has even been providing me with news! This is emblematic of the interconnectedness of all of us.

My hope is that future generations will be even more vigilant, and a system of world governance will be in place that will not allow such abuse of people and violation of people’s human rights. Freedom will prevail no doubt.

I stand in solidarity with the freedom loving people of Iran, those innocents that have perished in the cross fire, and those persisting in creating change, and all those expressing their desire for human rights for the people of Iran, no matter their gender, religion, social class, age, or ethnicity.
Iran, Iran, how we love thee Iran!

By: Donna Hakimian

According to my source in Tehran as of last night there were big demonstrations in many Iranian cities including Tehran, Tabriz, Shiraz, Esfehan, Kermanshah and Orumiyeh just to name a few. In Azadi Square the police attacked the protestors with batons and tear gas.

Also protestors tried to take over the Basij Station in Azadi Square, which is one of the biggest Basij stations in Tehran. They were able to take the Basij sign down, however they were shot at by the Basij. People also shouted “death to dictator.”

According to Radio Farda Tabriz University has cancelled exams and has asked students to leave the dormitories otherwise they will be attacked by the Militia group Ansare Hezbollah. There are protests both in the University and in the city. Students have been wounded and arrested.

Protests continue today in Tehran, starting at Hafte Tir Square. Many stores are also closed in protest. More protests are scheduled in Tehran tomorrow starting at “Toopkhune”

The University of Bou Ali Sina has been surrounded by the government backed Militia Ansare Hezbollah. Ansar has attacked the students and arrested at least four students.

1. Mr. Mashab Ibrahimi
2. Mr. Omid Sohrabi
3. Mr. Mostafa Mehdi Zadeh
4. Mr. Saeed Pirouzi

For all the Regime apologist "Reformists" who claim people are silent and not shouting any slogans, please look at a video from today's demonstrations in Tehran where people are shouting "death to taliban, either in Kabul or Tehran" if that's not a direct attack on the Islamic Regime I don't know what is.

Here is news I just recieved from Iran. Will translate tomorow.

دانشگاه بو علی چند روز است که در محاصره انصار می باشد
دیروز در پی حمله انصار به دانشگاه چند تن از دانشجویان دستگیر شدند
1.مصهب ابراهیمی
2 امید سهرابی.......................دبیر انجمن کردی بیان
مصطفی مهدی زاده
سعید پرویزی

Just wanted to share a few videos of the recent protests in Iran. There are so many of them on facebook for all those who are interested.

Here is a video where people are shouting the slogan "death to Basiji" and then we can see the Basij shooting at the protestors. People are also shouting "don't be afraid we are all together" and "death to dictator."

Doctors and nurses protested in Tehran today. We can hear a woman protestor saying 8 people were killed last night and 28 wounded (refering only to the people who were brought to this perticular hospital). We can also hear a guy saying a lot of the people who attacked the protestors and were beating them or shooting at them were Arab nationals brought from Lebonan. He indicates that these Arab nationals were hitting women without any mercy.

Here is a video of a young man who has been shot in Tehran by Islamic Regime's security forces.

Here is a really nice video with tons of prictures from the protests in the past few days.

According to one of my contacts in Tabriz, about 30,000 people took to the streets and protested yesterday. The protest was not silent by any means and people were shouting slogans such as “death to the dictator.” According to my source 8 people were killed by the Regime forces. In fact he witnessed the murder of one individual who was beaten to death by an electrical baton.

Further according to news from Radio Farda “Ansare Hezbollah” attacked Tabriz University dormitories yesterday and beat the students. According to this news source 7 people were shot to death, while number of students were thrown out of the windows.

According to my sources in Iran, about a million people demonstrated in Tehran today chanting slogans such as "death to dictator" "as long as Ahmadinejad is president nothing will change" and "Mousavi, Karoubi take back our vote".

What is happening in Iran right now is quite complicated. One has to realize that a lot of people decided to vote during this election because they were afraid that Ahmadinejad would be "elected" once again. In the past four years the crackdown on dissidents have increased as have the number of arrests, lenght of prison terms and number of those executed. Also social restrictions have increased even more in the past four years. Most people did not want to deal with that for another four years and so decided to vote for Mousavi who promised "reform."

Those who claim Iranian people only want reform fail to mention the fact that people voted because they were afraid of Ahmadinejad and what he would do to them if he was in power for another four years.

But if the people were given the option between choosing between Mousavi or Ahmadinejad, or having a free referendum one would not have to be a genius to figure out what their response would be.

As an Iranian I will not accept anything less then overthrowing of the Islamic Regime. Elements of the Regime that is responsible for 30 years of poverty, rape, torture and murder are not the answer to freedom in Iran. We shouldn't forget about the fact that the so called reformist Mousavi was the Prime Minister of Iran in 1988 when this very same Regime executed more then 10,000 political prisoner in the matter of a few months after giving them three (3) minute trials. If we are really seeking change our vote must be NO TO THE ISLAMIC REGIME.

According to news I received from my contacts in Tehran the Basij and the police attacked the student in Tehran University last night (Sunday), and the attack on students lasted until 3 am in the morning. The students were shouting slogans such as “death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei.” The police closed the streets to prevent students from leaving University grounds and from other people coming in. They attacked the students with tear gas, and students fought back by throwing stones.

Furthermore between 200-300 police and Basij came into the dormitories and attacked and beat the students. They Basij pushed some students off the balconies and some students jumped themselves out of fear for their lives. According to news from my contacts, close to 80 students in Tehran University have been arrested. Many of the students are suffering from broken bones as a result of beatings from Police and the Basij.

مضحکه انتخابات ریاست جمهوی به پایان رسید و جمهوری اسلامی نام احمدی نژاد را به بعنوان رئیس جمهوری "منتخب مردم" از صندوقها بیرون کشید. در نمایشی که جعل و دروغپردازی بر تمام لحظات آن سایه افکنده بود، چهار کاندیدای مورد اعتماد و دست چین شده هیئت حاکمه با عبور از صافی شورای نگهبان پا به رقابت گذاشتند. علیرغم ادعاهای رژیم، میلیونها نفر از واجدین شرایط با تجارب تلخی که از حاکمیت این رژیم داشتند بی توجه به بازارگرمی های انتخاباتی، نمایش دروغ و کلاهبرداری سیاسی رژیم را تحریم کردند. اما بخشی از مردم ایران علیرغم هشدارهایی که به آنان داده شد و علیرغم تجارب سی ساله خودشان، تحت تاثیر عوام فریبی و کمپین تبلیغات دورغین سران رژیم، اصلاح طلبان ، مطبوعات غربی و آن بخش از اپوزیسیون رژیم قرار گرفتند که برای این "انتخابات" بازار گرمی می کردند، تا به خیال خود بخشی از آن تحریم کنندگان میلیونی را برای کنار زدن احمدی نژاد به میدان آورند، این بخش از مردم تحت تاثیر این نیروها آرای شان را به ابزار سرکوب رژیم جمهوری اسلامی علیه خودشان تبدیل کردند و این یک اشتباه تاریخی بزرگ بود و در همان حال یک آبرورریزی دیگر برای نیروهای که ادعای مخالفت با رژیم را دارند اما برای نمایش انتخاباتیش بازار گرمی کردند. مردم ایران نباید بیش از این فریب عوامفریبی های سران و جناح های مختلف رژیم را بخورند، نباید به نیروی ذخیره تسويه حساب جناح های درون رژیم تبدیل شوند. باید به مبارزه با کلیت نظام جمهوری اسلامی برخاست. در تظاهرات خیابانی بجای حمایت از مهره های یک جناح در مقابل جناح دیگر رژیم باید با خواست های روشن و مستقل به میدان بیایند. مردم ایران و جنبش های اجتماعی پیشرو می توانند بر اوضاع کنونی غلبه کنند و قدرت و نیروی تحول بخش خود را در حرکت آگاهانه، مستقل و مستقیم خود به نمایش بگذارند. رمز پیروزی در این شرایط اتحاد و همبستگی جنبش زنان، دانشجویان و جنبش کردستان در اتحاد و همبستگی یشان در تشکلات توده و سازماندهی خود حول خواسته های روشن و رادیکال است.

After the results of the presidential [S]elections were announced, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was selected for a second term, Iranian people took to streets and started extensive protests against the Regime.

There have been extensive protests in many different Iranian cities including Tehran, Gohardasht-Karaj, Tabriz, Babol, Zahedan, Esfehan, Shiraz and Ahvaz just to name a few. According to news from Radio Farda in the city of Shiraz security forces attacked the Eram building in Shiraz University and attacked the students. The students in return started a fire and burned Ahmadinejad posters.

In the city of Zahedan a number of students were arrested during protests. It must be noted that both in Shiraz and Zahedan ordinary people joined the students in protests against the Regime. It has been reported that atleast 4 people have been murdered by Regime agents during these protests, and there has been a large number of arrests.

It must be noted that people are fighting back, by shouting slogans, breaking windows of government buildings and setting fires to cars and other objects in the streets. People are shouting slogans such as “This Regime is not reformable, election was the last chance for reform”, death to dictator, death to the Islamic Regime.”

It has been reported that about 70% of people voted during these [S]elections and majority of them for Mousavi, however Ahmadinejad was selected. I hope this will be a waking call for all those who thought the Islamic Regime was democratic enough to care about their votes! We could not have had a clearer example of the type of dictatorship that we are dealing with, and now it has become quite clear why Mousavi and Karoubi were nominated, to get people to vote and give legitimacy to the Islamic Regime.

Let’s hope people have learned their lesson and have realized that this Regime cannot be reformed. The only way for freedom is the overthrowing of this Regime. I stand in solidarity with the Iranian people however my slogan is “My vote is NO to the Islamic Regime”

I attended the anti- [S]election demonstration yesterday, June 12th 2009 in front of the Islamic Regime’s Embassy in Ottawa. I believe this was one of the more successful demonstrations, because what took place was a true example of democracy.

Number of different political organizations participated in this protest including a number of communist and leftist parties, a Kurdish party and numerous Monarchist parties. There were also many people like myself and my father who did not belong to any political organization and attended as individuals.

What was beautiful about this protest and the reason I think it was so successful is, although there were so many different organizations with different ideologies, different flags and different pictures present, there was a real air of comradery between everyone. People were standing side b side in unity against the Islamic Regime. The microphone was being passed around to anyone who wanted to speak regardless of their ideology or the flag they were holding. It was beautiful to see and I was so proud to be an Iranian and be among these amazing people.

We are finally at a stage where not only do we understand the meaning of democracy, but we are implementing it. I strongly believe this is the only way to overthrow the Islamic Regime, and I am thrilled to see we are travelling on this path.

According to the Payam website many cities in Kurdistan of Iran have boycotted the [S]elections. You can find on the hour updated news about different cities on this website.

The Kurdish people have shown their opposition for the Islamic Regime by refusing to participate in this [S]election, rather than deciding to choose between the bad and the worst. I applaud the strength and the unity of the Kurdish people. Once again they have shown how honourable they are.

Shame on those who voted. If people had boycotted the [S]elections we could have said that people boycotted and Ahmadinejad remained the president. Now we have to say 70% of people voted and Ahmadinejad was elected!! I hope this will be a lesson for all those who supported participation in this [S]election. There is no such a thing as an election in Iran, now Ahmadinejad is president and he has credibility because people went out and voted.

Shame, Shame…

A good friend of mine forwarded this article to me and I thought I would share it with everyone as it is quite interesting and a cause for concern. I understand that, for those wanting to complain about the RCMP outreach program:

Refer complaints to the Minister of Public Safety (i.e. Minister responsible for the RCMP). Contacts:

The contact given (at for the BC event:

Superintendent Lloyde Plante
Assistant Criminal Operations Officer - National Security, E Division

by Winston Smithson
For IPT News
June 12, 2009

They say the Mounties always get their man. But do they sometimes get the wrong imam?

This is one of many questions coming out of the second annual "Muslims of Tomorrow 2009" conference sponsored in part by Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police on June 13. A product of efforts by the RCMP National Security Program in British Columbia, and something called the "RCMP National Security Youth Advisory Council (BC)," the initiative reflects the shaky history of the Force's involvement in Islamic outreach.

Mounties rushed into outreach following 9/11, and the results were not always pretty. The former head of the Force's National Security outreach group was Inspector Wayne Hanniman, whose fondest hope – expressed in a public briefing – was to work as a traffic cop in British Columbia, a unique aspiration for one involved in the high-risk and subtle area of Islamic outreach and Islamist subversion. Consistent with this goal, he formed an RCMP ethno-cultural national security consultative group whose membership inadvertently included some of the more radical elements in Canadian society.

Moderate Muslims were shocked to find the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN), a chapter of the US unindicted co-conspirator outfit, CAIR, invited to participate. Under the Inspector's wing, a CAIR-CAN official was even escorted around the Canadian Security Intelligence Service offices. The farce worsened as the National Security group's public briefings eventually came to cite CAIR-CAN's misleading studies of Muslim victimhood, thus doing the divisive propagandistic work of Islamists for them (For a reaction to Canada's victimhood bandwagon, click here). Inspector Hanniman was last seen leading Canada's UN police contingent in Sudan, where he was featured in a flattering Department of Foreign Affairs magazine article written by a journalist known for her accommodating coverage of CAIR-CAN and similar groups.

A similarly impulsive approach was taken in the creating of mirror "youth councils" by the National Security outreach group. The RCMP's headlong rush to get into the outreach business resulted in the national security team's hiring a bright young university graduate with suitable "diversity" credentials, but no noticeable familiarity with national security. Soon after coming aboard, Ms. Dahlia Nawwar announced in the course of a public presentation that she wanted to complete a study of the causes of youth radicalism. Singing from the "root causes" songbook, she made clear that she adhered to the apologist view that Islamic extremism was all simply a matter of reaction to oppression and alienation. Nawwar's remarks showed no appreciation of the doctors, lawyers, engineers and other privileged classes that inspired, organized and underpinned extremism from the Muslim Brotherhood to al-Qaeda. But they did sidestep altogether the militant Qur'anic "sword verses" so routinely invoked by terrorists themselves as their sole motivation for violence.

Which gets us to "Muslims of Tomorrow."

Although the national security outreach efforts claim to be aimed at heading off radicalism of all kinds, the conference shows a heavy concentration on Muslim concerns and perspectives – and not the most moderate among those. It is far from clear, for example, that similar resources and publicity have gone into preoccupations of other "at risk" immigrant groups, or that a federal police agency has any business getting involved in determining what tomorrow's Muslims should look like, sound like, dress like or believe in. Even those who think government should be in the business of religion, will not soon expect similar quantities of RCMP dollars and prestige to flow into "Hindus of Tomorrow" or "Christians of Tomorrow" conferences.

In the meantime, compliant national security outreach functionaries once again seem inclined to preside over a Muslim conference premised on the discredited Islamist propaganda theme of Canadian Muslims as victims of their non-Muslim neighbors. So, as day follows night, the theme of this year's gathering is the media portrayal of Canadian Muslims. RCMP publicity includes references to popular and largely-unsubstantiated Islamist themes: anti-Muslim bias, fear of backlash, and so on.

Two respected Canadian journalists are to figure on the "Tomorrow" panel, and the Islamic content is rounded out by panellist Imam Dr. Reda Bedeir. In some ways, Imam Bedeir's selection reflects how tricky and ill-advised RCMP and Government involvement in religion can be.

Bedeir has a distinguished intellectual history, with an impressive list of credentials. He was even listed among the host of people attending the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference 2008. But in inviting Dr. Bedeir – or at least associating themselves with him through the "Muslims of Tomorrow" event – the RCMP's national security outreach unit could be interpreted, in the name of the RCMP and Government of Canada, to confer legitimacy on his brand of Islam, and to commend its practice to young Muslim conference-goers. This may or may not be a comforting thought.

Like many Islamic scholars, Dr. Bedeir shares advice. In an article dealing with homosexuality, he declares the orientation "clearly sinful," "a perverted deviation from the norm," a matter of "choice", and equates it to alcoholism, addiction and gambling. "[G]ay acts," writes Dr. Bedeir, are "unlawful" in the eyes of all Islamic schools of thought and jurisprudence". As for these schools:

"They only differ in terms of penalty. Some say that no physical punishment is warranted. Some see that severe punishment is warranted, while others require a minimum of 4 adult male witnesses before a person can be found guilty of a homosexual act."

Bedeir appears not to rule out "severe punishment," something that might assume major significance if one were to take seriously what is termed a "useful" web link appearing at the end of his article. The link is to advice on homosexuality by Dr. Taha Jaber Al-'Alwani, President of the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Herndon, VA, and then president of the Fiqh Council. Al-Awani also is past president of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, suspected of financing terrorist groups.

The President of the Fiqh Council concludes:

"Verily, the punishment here is the burning of both homosexuals (the actor and acted upon) or stoning them with rocks till death because Allah Most High stoned the people of Lut after demolishing their village."

Is this the view of Dr. Bedeir? If so, would the RCMP National Security Community Outreach Program and the Government of Canada, support it? Would its proponents be appropriate role models for youth? Based on the Supreme Court of Canada's same-sex constitutional decisions, even the cosmically-expanding cultural-sensitivity standards of RCMP outreach wouldn't justify the burning and stoning of a Canadian minority. Yet.

This raises another issue and another minority.

Dr. Bedeir is an instructor at the AlMaghrib Institute, an Islamic educational organization with a presence across the United States and Canada – and a certain Saudi flavor. A fellow AlMaghrib instructor is Yasir Qadhi, reportedly a self-described terror watch listee. As David Ouellette, of the now-defunct Judeoscope website put it, "at least ... one of his exegeses, combines traditional Islamic anti-Jewish moti[f]s with Western anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial." A recording of Dr. Qadhi's spine-chilling meanderings on Jews is offered in "Part 8," here.

Dr. Qadhi is still with AlMaghrib. Does this mean that his public views reflect those of AlMaghrib? Would this mean that AlMaghrib instructors should not be lionized panellists before an audience of impressionable Muslim youth – and apparently more impressionable RCMP outreachers? Does Dr. Bedeir share the Qadhi take on those pesky Yahoods? If so, would the RCMP National Security Community Outreach Program agree with Bedeir – and Imam Qadhi? Did anyone bother to research the question before sending out the "Muslims of Tomorrow 2009" invitations? Are some outreach program organizers sympathetic to AlMaghrib-type views?

Meanwhile, the RCMP advertising of the "Tomorrow" event boasts that Dr. Bedeir is Imam of British Columbia's Burnaby Al-Salaam Mosque. This Mosque appears to have been the site of "Parents of Today: Protecting the Muslims of Tomorrow," a March 2008 forum that was, according to its publicity, "Sponsored by RCMP Advisory Committee." A listed "key speaker" was Bosnia-born Imam Dr. Zijad Delic, National Executive Director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, one of the most radical of Canada's fraternity of Islamist organizations . Radical, maybe, but apparently good enough for an RCMP "Advisory Committee" dedicated to keeping youth away from, well, radicalism.


Canadians and their allies must ask whether RCMP outreach is undermining the country's national security situation. Those who care about Canada have reason to fear that misconceived approaches and incompetently-managed programs have contributed to the Islamist goal of legitimizing interests that seek, at a minimum, to encourage division and alienation within the Canadian body politic while reinforcing Islamist-supremacist and other sharia norms.

In light of the weaknesses of these RCMP Islamic initiatives, Canadians and their friends abroad would do well to press RCMP Commissioner William Elliott, Canadian Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to:

- trigger an audit and investigation of all past and present RCMP Islamic-related "outreach" activity.

- assess whether RCMP outreach involvement with radical groups and individuals has made the Force vulnerable to infiltration by such persons, and whether radical or Islamist-sympathetic individuals are, or have been, employed by the RCMP in outreach or other RCMP units, whether as regular Force or civilian personnel or as volunteers. This assessment must indicate the relevant chain of command at all times during the life of the outreach program, as well as those persons within the RCMP who recommended, approved and influenced the accepting of specific groups and individuals as outreach partners.

- evaluate whether "youth advisory" or other Muslim-dominated groups are gaining special RCMP access unavailable to other youth groups, including religion-privileged access, to recruitment opportunities, and fast-tracking into the RCMP. There must be no religion-based preferences in federal employment.

- disclose the identities of persons involved in any advisory capacity with RCMP outreach officials, so that the public can observe for itself the nature of related activity.

- undertake that any information formerly or currently provided to members of any consultative or advisory group simultaneously be made available for public scrutiny. This should enable citizens to satisfy themselves of the appropriateness of outreach participants and activity. Disclosure must include any studies and other material relating to national security and defense that is shared with community "advisors."

- shift the culture of "outreach" so that consultations with the RCMP are regarded within relevant RCMP units as the right of the general public, and not the result of possible "in-house," selective and privileged religious interests and lobbies operating in the shadows.

- undertake that the RCMP have no dealings with the Canadian or other affiliates of Islamic entities listed by the US Justice Department as unindicted co-conspirators in the recent Holy Land Foundation trial. This exclusion would be subject to the clearing of such entities through scrupulous investigation, and certification of clearing by the Commissioner of the RCMP and the Minister of Public Safety.

- ensure that neither the name of the RCMP nor of any other government agency be attached to outreach or other consultative bodies – such as the "RCMP Advisory Committee" – unless these bodies and their members be authorized to speak on behalf of the government. It is a failure of public administration and contrary to the rule of law to allow ad hoc, unauthorized, unaccountable groups to be perceived to have an inside track on the making of national security policy.

- end irresponsible RCMP reliance on unwarranted, alienating and dangerous Islamist "victimhood" narratives. Government must aggressively counter such disinformation with readily available evidence of Canada's exceptionally good treatment of Canadian Muslims in the face of extremist provocation. If RCMP outreach cadres continue to prove inadequate to the challenge – indeed, by negligence and lack of insight, continue to facilitate the spread of Islamist influence – the government must recognize that the RCMP's outreach program is operating against the national interest and must be shut down. Fast.

Winston Smithson is the pseudonym of a retired Canadian official.

It has come to my attention that certain pro-Islamic Regime elements in Toronto are supporting the sham Presidential [S]election in Iran. The Iranian Student Union of U of T is providing transportation to and from Ottawa for any students who might want to vote in this [S]election.

Perhaps these “students” need a reminder that Canada is a democratic country which has taken a very strong stand against the crimes committed by the Islamic Regime of Iran. Furthermore many of us freedom loving Iranians have fled from the Islamic Regime in fear of our lives, and come to Canada to live in a free and democratic society, away from the threats of the Islamic Regime.

As Canadians we must remember that besides being a major threat to its’ own people The Islamic Regime is a global threat to the entire international community. The Islamic Regime is involved in funding many terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah, and has threatened to wipe Israel off the world map. As Canadians it is our responsibility to identify and isolate these Regime elements in Canada (including students in The Iranian Student Union of U of T). It is our responsibility to show these Regime Agents that this type of pro-dictatorship, pro-terrorism and anti-human rights behavior will not be tolerated in a free and democratic country such as Canada.

Sayeh Hassan
Barrister & Solicitor

On Friday June 12th 2009 freedom loving Iranian people will come together in front of the Iranian Embassy at 245 Metcalfe St. to protest against the Islamic Regimes's sham presidential [S]election.

Date: June 12th 2009
Place: 245 Metcalfe Street, Ottawa, Ontario
Time: 10:00am-2:00pm

Let's show the Islamic Regime that we are united in the boycott of this sham [S]election.

اين حکومت جنايتکاران حرفه ای را بايد سرنگون کرد!در روز "انتخابات" پرچم "نه" به جمهوری اسلامی را برافراشته تر کنيم!

زنده باد آزادی!
جمهوری اسلامی سه دهه است با اتکا به جنايت و سرکوب٬ عليه هر جلوه آزاديخواهی حکومت ميکند. باندهای اسلامی هر اختلاف و دعوائی برسر مال و چپاول ثروت و مقام٬ داشته باشند در بقا و تداوم اين نظام عميقا اشتراک دارند. همه شان تلاش دارند با انواع عوامفريبی٬ مردم را برای اين نمايش مضحک بسيج کنند. و در داخل و خارج پای صندوق های "رای"بکشانند. انتخاب مردم يکی از چهار کانديد های جنايتکار احمدی نژاد٬ موسوی٬ کروبی و رضائی که بايد بجرم جنايت بر عليه بشريت محاکمه شوند نيست! انتخاب مردم سرنگونی رژيم جمهوری اسلامی است. مرگ بر نظامی که جز قاتلين و سرکوبگران آزادی و رفاه مردم نميتوانند در آن "انتخاب" شوند. مردم نيازی ندارند از ميان قاتلين مشهور و بانيان فقر و استثمار وحشيانه و بيحقوقی يکی را برای تداوم اسارت خود "انتخاب" کنند. زنان نيازی ندارند به کليد دار جديد نظام آپارتايد اسلامی و زن ستيزی اسلامی "رای" دهند. نسل جديدی که با جمهوری اسلامی با تمام وجوه زندگی اجتماعيش در تناقض عميق است نياز ندارند سردسته اوباش و سرکوبگران و شکنجه گران را "انتخاب" کنند.
به معرکه گيری اسلامی انتخابات "نه" محکم بگوئيم و نيرويمان را برای سرنگونی اين نظام و برپائی جامعه ای آزاد و مرفه و خوشبخت بميدان آوريم.. جريانات سياسی مخالف و آزاديخواه ميتينگی اعتراضی در مقابل سفارتخانه رژيم جنايتکار اسلامی در اوتاوا در١٢ ژوئن سازمان دهی کرده اند ، وظیفه هر انسان آزادیخواه و شرافتمندی است که در این تظاهرات شرکت کند. راه نجات جامعه ايران با جمهوری اسلامی غير ممکن است. اين حکومت جنايتکاران حرفه ای را بايد سرنگون کرد. در روز "انتخابات" پرچم "نه" به جمهوری اسلامی را برافراشته تر کنيم!

زمان ـ جمعه 12 ژوئن ساعت 10 ظهر

مکان ـ اوتاوا مقابل سفارت جمهوری اسلامی

245 Metcalfe St. Ottawa, ON K2P 2K2

For those who wish to contact Irwin Cotler and show support for the Iran Accountability Act please find Mr. Cotler's contact information below. Please take a few minutes to write a few lines or to give him a call to let him know that Canadians are very much in support of this new bill.

Parliamentary Office:

House of Commons
491 West Block
Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

Email: (613) 995-0121
(613) 992-6762

Constituency Office:

4770 Kent Ave
Suite 316
Montreal QC H3W 1H2

Email: (514) 283-0171
(514) 283-2407

Irwin Cotler, who is special counsel on human rights and international justice to the Liberal Party is introducing the Iran Accountability Act in the Canadian Parliament today.

This bill focuses on Islamic Regime’s genocidal threats against the state of Israel, their nuclear ambitions as well as human rights violations committed by the Regime against the Iranian people.

The bill seeks to divest Canada from Investment in Iran, freeze the assets of those that contribute to Iran’s nuclear or military infrastructure as well as bring the Islamic Regime to Justice through recognized principles of international law.

It must be mentioned that the bill clearly distinguishes between the Islamic Regime and the Iranian people, recognizing that the Iranian people are the object of Islamic Regimes human rights violations.

As Canadians we must take this opportunity to write to our MP’s to show our support for this bill, which will ultimately hold the Regime internationally accountable for all of its crimes. I strongly believe if there was ever a time for us Iranian/Canadians to act this is the time. We have to show the Canadian government through our support of this initiative that passing of this bill will create great hope and joy for all freedom loving Iranians.