I was in downtown toronto last saturday and passed by the Tamil protests which I guess had just started. I know a little bit about what is going on in Sri-Lanka and decided to stop and speak a little bit with the protestors. It seemed to me like most of them were supporters of Tamil Tigres, which is definatly a organization that I do not support, but as the week has gone by I am amazed at the determination of these people, protesting in front of the US embassy (what ever their cause maybe) for days on, brining traffic to a halt in one of the most important areas in downtown!!

I guess the question in my mind is why aren't we Iranians doing the same thing?????????? The last time I checked our people are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and even executed on a daily basis. Toronto has a huge Iranian population, so many of them Anti-Regime and yet when it comes to action we are all very much silent. I used to think protests are not very effective, but on a second thought if we can gather 200 people in downtown Toronto even for a week, I have a feeling it would make a huge impact. So why is it, that in a city where there are about 100,000 Iranians we cant even come up with 200???

Iranians in TO let me know what you think!!


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