In response to the arresting of the Iranian workers in the city of SANANDAJ and LALEH Park in the Iran’s capital, Tehran, as well as other locations in the country, a protest was organized by the Committee in Support of Worker’s Rights in Iran, Toronto and as well as other leftist organizations, in front of the Islamic Regime Embassy in Canada on Wednesday May 27th 2009. Many workers rights activists and many of Iranians whom live in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal participated to the protest.

The protest started at 12:00pm and lasted until 2:30pm in spite of heavy rain. There were numerous speakers in this event who spoke about the crimes of the Islamic Regime. There was a speech by a representative of the Communist Party of Iran and also speeches by other leftist organization representatives. During those speeches the protesters strongly condemned the Islamic Regime actions about violating the human rights in Iran. The protesters also sang a number of revolutionary songs. At the conclusion of the protest the protestors sang the international song of Unity with the support of the Revolutionary Singer Ms. HOMA.

Further on Saturday May 23rd 2009, a demonstration was organized in protest to presence of an Islamic Regime representative in the city of Toronto. A few days before that demonstration, the Islamic Regime Embassy via a few close media, had announced that one of their representatives would be coming to Toronto. Therefore the Embassy officials did not disclose the location by reason of fearing of those protests which were held by worker activists and freedom-loving people.

Late Friday afternoon leftist activists were able to find out the location of the Islamic Regime representative which was in Hilton Hotel in Toronto. With the little time available to them, they organized a protest with as much people as was possible given the lack of time. The protest started at 10:00am and continued until 2:00pm in front of the Hilton Hotel. Then it was transferred to a very busy Iranian shopping centre. The protest included numerous speeches and slogans which condemned the Regime for its actions alongside of the Iranian worker activists. The Communist Party of Iran was one of the organizers of this protest.

Down with Islamic republic of Iran
Long Live Socialism
Abroad committee of Communist Party of Iran -Canada
May 29th 2009


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