Mehdi Karroubi who is a presidency candidate for the upcoming elections in Iran visited the city of Kermanshah and the university students on Monday May 11th 2009.In particular the presence of Kurdish students was extremely strong as can be seen by the photos above.

The Kurdish students held up pictures of political prisoners such as Yaser Goli, Habbibollah Latifi, Farzad Kamangar, Mohammad Sadeiq Kaboudvand and Ms. Zeynab Beyzidi, as well as posters with slogans such as “Unemployment of young people in Kermanshah for how long?”, “Stop Executions”, “Free student prisoners” and “Free political prisoners” to name a few. The students also shouted these slogans throughout the speech of Mr. Karroubi.

I am once again amazed by the courage of these students who are willing to stand up against tyranny (even in face of danger). To see this kind of strong support for political prisoners and the kind of unity these students have is certainly a great indication of hope.

My only concern however would be for the Iranian people and students in particular to once again fall for the slogan of “reform” and to vote for these international criminals, rather than boycotting the elections. I hope the people of Iran have learned their lesson after Khatami and his 8 years of Reform.
But regardless I think the courage of these students is commendable, and for me personally is a sign that there is yet hope for change...

Source: Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan


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