Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: In the past few days tens of Kurdish individuals have been arrested by security forces and taken to unknown locations.

In the village of “Salvat Abad” in the city of Sanandaj the security forces attacked the homes of number of residents at 4:00am on May 10th 2009 and arrested number of young men including Mr. Chiya Rahimi(22). They beat him and took him to an unknown location.

In the city of Sanandaj security forces arrested a male named Mr. Farshad Jalali. After searching his home and confiscating his computer and some of his personal belongings he was also taken to an unknown location.

Further in the past few days security forces have arrested number of individuals around the “Kamyaran” area.

Arrests in the City of Kamyaran:

On Wednesday May 6th 2009, six individuals were arrested in the village of “Alek” as well the homes of these individuals were subjected to search. The names of the individuals arrested are as follows: Mr. Keyhan Pirouzi, Mr, Ghahreman Pirouzi, Mr. Saman Pirouzi, Mr. Reybavar Pirouzi, Mr. Fardin Veysi and Mr. Akam Pirmaghani.

Further three individuals in the village of “Nilkuy” were arrested and there is currently no news about their whereabouts.

Further in this city a lawyer named Javad Marabi was arrested at his work place and taken to an unknown location.

Another young individual who was recently arrested is Mr. Khaled Gholami from the village of “Palangan”. Mr. Gholami has travelled to the city of Kamyaran in order to buy medicine for his ill mother. After his arrest security forces searched his home and announced that Mr. Gholami’s younger brother Mr. Saraj Gholami (18) must also turn himself in to the authorities. The mother of these brothers passed away yesterday however the security forces are still insisting that Mr. Saraj Ghoalmi turn himself in even at this difficult time for the family. This situation has caused great concern for the residents of this area.

Further Mr. Verya Naghashbandi was arrested at 8:00am on Monday May 4th 2009 in the city of “Mazkur” and taken to an unknown location. Mr. Naghashbandi is a labour as well as a social activist. He has not had any contact with his family since his arrest.

On Thursday May 7th 2009 security forces arrested three other residents of the village of “Shaygani”. These individuals are: Mr. Moslem Khateri, Mr. Zahed Ghayadi and Mr. Anwar Setami. These individuals were also taken to an unknown location.

Further Mr. Amir Babkari and his wife have also been summoned to the Ministry of Intelligence. Mr. Babkari had spent the past 16 months in prison and had been exiled from “Piranshahr”. Mr. Babkari ran a Kurdish/Farsi newspaper called Reyvan which was suspended by the authorities.

Also last week three students from Mariyvan who were studying in Orumiyeh and Sanandaj universities have been arrested along with a number of other residents from Maryvan.

It must be noted that absolutely no information has been given to the families of the individuals arrested.

There has also been reports of arrests in the city of “Iylam.” A teacher named Mohammad Melki was arrested a week ago by security forces and there is no news about his whereabouts.


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