Early this morning Javad Alizadeh, a human rights activist, was transferred to the common area of Sanandaj prison where he was informed of his sentence of imprisonment for one year.

Javad asked for a written statement of the ruling and was taken to a court in the city of Sanandaj and a court secretary handed him a written statement of the ruling. Mr. Alizadeh protested the ruling and refused to sign it and was taken to the office of a judge who insulted him with vulgarities. Mr. Alizadeh was taken back by this behaviour and has asked for a review of his sentencing.

It should be noted that Javad Alizadeh is a human rights activist and is a student in Tabatabai University in Tehran. On the anniversary of the death of Ebrahim Lotf Alhi he was a protester and was then taken in by the revolutionary guard and imprisoned for 21 days and was tortured.

I’d like to thank my friend Nima for his wonderful translation


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