Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: A Kurdish activist Mr. Shah Kuh Moarefi who is 30 years old and the resident of the city of Bahen was arrested on October 1st 2008, on charges of being a member of an active Kurdish Opposition Party. From that date until present he has been in the detention centre of the Ministry of Intelligence, and how not been allowed any visitations.

Mr. Moarefi claimed refugee status in Iraq seven years ago and became a member of an active Kurdish opposition party.

According to Mr. Moarefi’s lawyer Mr. Loghman Rayzan during the time which Mr. Moarefi has been a member of this group he has not carried out any activities against the Islamic Regime. Mr. Rayzan has further stated that Mr. Moarefi came back to Iran voluntarily and turned himself in to the security forces, therefore he shouldn’t get the same treatment as a CAPTURED opposition member.

Mr. Rayzan has stated that there is not enough evidence for Mr. Moarefi’s conviction, and is extremely concerned about the conviction of Mr. Moarefi without the necessary evidence and has filed an appeal against his conviction.


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