Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: Anwar Saed Muchishi has been sentenced to a one year suspended sentence, five (5) years and loss of his job.

Section one of the Revolutionary Court in the City Sanandaj conducted a trial against Mr. Answear Saed Muchishi, who is a student activist, journalist and a member of the weekly journal “Kereftu” which has been suspended. Mr. Muchishi was charged with acting against national security.

The trial which was conducted without the presence of Mr. Muchishi’s defence lawyer. He was sentenced to a one year suspended sentence, 5 year probation and loss of his employment. The judge did not give Mr. Muchishi the opportunity to defend himself during his trial.

Also during this court proceeding another social activist Mr. Yaghub Saed Muchishi was also sentenced to a 4 month suspended sentence and 2 year probation.

Mr. Anwar Saed Muchishi was arrested by Ministry of Intelligence officials in his home on September 4th 2008 along with Mr. Yaghub Saed Muchishi. After two months of solitary confinement he was released on a $30 million toman bail.


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