Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: Ronak Safazadeh is a student, a women’s rights activist as well as a member of Azarmehr Association of Women of Kurdistan and a member of One Million Signature Campaign. Ms. Safazedeh has been in pre-trial custody for 15 months and still no trial date has been set for her case.

As a result of severe physical and psychological torture, as well as terrible prison conditions she suffers from numerous illnesses and requires immediate medical attention outside of prison.

Although Ms. Safazadeh’s family and lawyer have requested medical treatment for her, no attention has been paid to this request by prison officials and Revolutionary Court in Sanandaj. It must be mentioned that Ms. Safazadeh suffers from very serious infections, especially in her ear and teeth which has gotten much worse in the recent days, yet the authorities have refused for the fourth time to allow her to seek medical attention outside of prison.


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