Mr. Topoz is a political prisoner who was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment on charges of membership in Kurdistan Workers Party. He has been serving his sentence in the Omrumiye Prison for the past 2.5 years, however five (5) days ago he was taken to an unknown location and there has been no news about his whereabouts since that time.

Mr. Topoz was a very active participant in the nationwide hunger strike of the Kurdish Political Prisoners and his “exile” from Orumiyeh Prison maybe related to the role he played in the hunger strike.

Mr. Topoz is 30 years old and suffers from numerous illnesses. The 47 day nationwide hunger strike he participated in led to his health suffering even more and there is great concern for his health and well being.

The Officials of the Orumiyeh Prison had threatened political prisoners with exile if they were to take part in the hunger strike, however once the hunger strike got underway they started negotiating with the prisoners and promised to meet some of their demands.

It has been reported that three (3) other political prisoners in Orumiyeh Prison have been exiled to the cities of Ghazvin, Tabriz and Ardebil in the past few days.

Mr. Omar chapraz who is 32 years old and is serving a 13 year prison sentence for membership in the Kurdistan Workers Party has been exiled to Ardebil Prison. Mr. Jomhur Azghuch who is 53 years old has been transferred to Tabriz Prison and Mr. Changiz Amouyi has been exiled to Ghazvin Prison. Before their transfers these prisoners were informed that they would have to serve seven (7) years of their sentence in exile.

Further the crack down on Kurdish women and student activists continues and this maybe a technique used by the Regime to prevent any further nationwide action by the Kurdish prisoners and activists.

Student Council of Human Rights in Kurdistan


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