Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: A Kurdish Activists Mr. Rafigh Zolghadr’s who was arrested 20 days ago is being subjected to severe physical and psychological torture, in the Sepahe Pasdaran detention Centre.

Sepahe Pasdaran officials attacked Mr. Zolghadr’s home at 3:00 am 20 days ago and after searching his home they arrested and transferred him to the Sepahe Pasdaran Detention Centre.

In an interview with Student Council of Human Rights in Kurdistan a family member of Mr. Zolghadr has indicated that they were able to have a five (5) minute visit with him, where they saw that Mr. Zolghadr had been severely tortured. According to this family member Mr. Zolghadr has told this family member that he was forcefully undressed, cold water was thrown on him and then he was whipped mercilessly.


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