According to the latest news received about Mr. Khazar Rasoul Morout, he has had his visitation rights revoked along with another political prisoner Mr. Salar Yareh.

In a conversation with Mr. Morouts’ family it was indicated that his family has gone to the prison to try to visit him on many occasions in the past two weeks, however they have not been successful. In fact they have been told by prison officials that political prisoners do not have the same visitation rights as common non-political prisoners. (There is no legal basis for this assertion)

Both Mr. Khazar Rsoul Morouti and Mr. Salar Yareh were residents of “Talavo”. They were arrested on August 14t 2008 when they were attacked and arrested by “Sepah” Officials while returning from their family farm. They were both subjected to brutal torture before being transferred to “Mezbur’ Prison. Further they informed their families that they were taken to an unknown location on August 20th 2008, while blindfolded and threatened into signing some “unknown” documents.

It must be mentioned that Mr. Morout was a literature major at Orumiye University as well as a “mother tongue” activist who was teaching Kurdish language at an organization called “Suma”.

Student Council of Human Rights in Kurdistan


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