Student Council of Defense of Human Rights in Kurdistan: Ronak Safazadeh was arrested on October 9th 2007 and although a year has past since her arrest she still remains in pre-trial custody.

In an interview with the Student Council of Defence of Human Rights in Kurdistan Dr. Mohammad Sahrif, Ms. Safazadeh’s lawyer stated that although the defence is ready to proceed, the judge has confirmed Ms. Safazadeh’s pre-trial detention on eight (8) different occasions.

On March 13th 2008 a court hearing was scheduled in Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Courts and a written and an oral defence was submitted to the court, however no decision has been rendered by the courts.

Mr. Sharif has further stated that he is extremely concerned about the fact that The Court has refused to render a decision to this date. It must be mentioned that in regards to his other client Ms. Hanna Abdi both a judgment at a lower court and at the court of appeal has been rendered but not in Ms. Safazadehs’ case. Mr. Sharif is extremely concerned about Ms. Safazadehs’ case especially due to the serious charges she is facing (fighting against god).


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