Mohammad Hassan Falahi Zade, former journalist working in Al Alam TV channel, has gone on hunger strike. He was said to have been dismissed for refusing to work with the Intelligence Ministry agents at work and hence sacked, and later arrested.

Prisoners rights group; Activists in support of Human Rights and Democracy, has reported that Mr. Falahi Zadeh has been protesting against ethnic prejudice used against him has been demanding for his basic rights.
Considering his blood disorder and also previous cases of political prisoners murdered under various pretexts while on hunger strike, such as Akbar Mohammadi and Valiollah Feiz Mahdavi , activists are extremely worried of Mr. Falahie Zades situation.
On his second day of hunger strike, Mr. Falahi Zade was summoned to prison security and threatened by a known " Koorgal".
Mr.Falahi Zade is demanding for his basic rights such as, the right to council, the right to defense and clarification of his charges and an end to psychological torture.

According to reports released by Activists in support for Human Rights and Democracy, Mr. Falahi Zade had revealed news on execution of those charged with bombing attacks in Southern Iran in an interview with Dubai TV and various other Arab media.
Mr. Falahi Zade was arrested on 1 November 2006, transferred to Evin prison and under went White torture. His trial was only a few minutes in which he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment along with 30 thousand dollars for compensation.

Iranian Political Prisoners Association


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