Further to my post October 5th International Teacher's Day, it has come to my attention that another teacher Mr. Anwar Husseinpanahi has also been sentenced to death. Let's make October 5th the day to fight against the death sentence of both Farzad Kamangar and Anwar Husseinpanahi.

I know Mr. Husseinpanahi is not nearly as well known as Mr. Kamangar, however I have managed to get some information about him through an activist who is in direct contact with Mr. Husseinpanahi's family.

Mr. Husseinpanahi is 36 years old, married and has three children ages 3, 8 and 12. He is one of the Kurdish prisoners currently on hunger strike and suffers from serious health problems which need immediate medical attention.

Long Live Freedom
Down with Dictatorship

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  1. nassiri said...
    It flabbergasts me to see how these creatures can be so savage towards their own people.

    But then again these are not our people. These are born and bred in the tavileh's of british empire since the Qajar times for exactly this purpose.

    I sometimes wish our oil would run out so we can be left alone to our own devices to rebuild our country based on persian culture and values.

    keyvan from montreal

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