The Committee for the Support of Hunger Strike of Kurdish Political and Social Prisoners

According to the latest news from Sanandaj Prison Mr. Anwar Hosseini Panahi who has been sentenced to death has announced that if the Islamic Regime Officials do not respond to the legal demands of the political prisoners he will take his strike one step further adn sew his lips together.

Anwar Hosseini Panahi who joined the hunger strike on its very first day is planning to take his hunger strike to a new level by sweing his lips.

It must be mentioned that yesterday September 17th 2008 at 8pm Ministry of Intelligence Officials went to teh home of Mr. Panahi's father and subjected him to threats and psychological torture in order to prevent him from reporting any news in regards to his son's hunger strike and health condition. They have also asked him to convince Mr. Panahi to break his hunger strike.

Translated by: Sayeh Hassan


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