As many of you may have heard on August 25th 2008 many Kurdish political prisoners in Iran started a hunger strike, protesting the death sentence of atleast 8 Kurdish prisoners, asking for an end to discrimination as well as the terrible jail conditions including torture and discrimination.

According to Kurdish Media the prisoners are demanding:

1. Treatment of prisoners according to international standards

2. Rescind the death sentences and stop the execution of severe penalties immediately

3. Stop the death penalty

4. Stop the ill-treatment and torture of prisoners

5. Stop discrimination existing among prisoners, especially between political and non-political prisoners

6. All of the prisoners must be subject to international human rights organizations

7. Reform the Iranian legal system and the courts using international human rights standards

The prisoners are currently on their 12th day of hunger strike. Unfortunately searching through the web I could not find any news or even mention of this hunger strike.

This is one of the largest and most organized hunger strikes ever staged in Iran and yet again even our own community has remained silent.I cannot figure out why we are not writing, informing even screaming to the let the world know that our comrades in Iran have put their lives on the line to fight for their rights.

I for one want to break the silence and to once again announce my solidarity with the Kurdish Prisoners in Iran.

I hope to see more support atleast among the Iranian community for these brave individuals.

Long Live Freedom
Down with Dictatorship

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Dear Sayeh,

    Many Iranians are with you. However our voices are not united. There is no organization and no union.

    That is why all the efforts by many brave Iranians get much less result than it could and should.

    As much as we must remained focused on human rights and regime change issues, we must also focus our mind powers in finding ways and solutions for how to unite, and more importantly how to organize and lead all these many but dispersed dissent voices.

    The sun's rays warm the earth, but focus them through a lens, and they can start a fire.

    P.S. I love your website which I found today quite by accident. Your time spent to voice the oppressed people of Iran is much appreciated.


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