Helale Mohammadzadeh is an Iranian woman on death row. She was convicted of murder at the age of 27, however she has always maintained that death was a result of self defence. She has been imprisoned in the central jail in the city of Mahabad for the past 8 years. She has been waiting for a verdict from the Iranian Supreme Court regarding her death sentence for the past 4 years.

This lengthy 4 year wait, along with the psychological pressure of having to face a death sentence has been extremely difficult on Ms. Mohammadzadeh and has caused her great psychological pressure.

Ms. Mohammadzadeh is in desperate need of a defence lawyer and is seeking the help of all human rights organizations and humanitarian lawyers in this regard.
The Voice of Human Rights in Iran announces its support for Ms. Mohammadzadeh, and will do everything in its power to help her receive justice.

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran.


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