According to news received from Sepaydar Prison in the city of Ahwaz, Mr. Javad Alikhani who is a veterinarian student at Chemran University was transferred to solitary cells in the Ministry of Intelligence detention centre in June.

Without any legal reason Mr. Alikhani was transferred to solitary cells in a secret Ministry of Intelligence detention centre on June 20th 2008. While in solitary confinement for 45 days he was subjected to brutal physical and psychological torture.

Some forms of torture he was subjected included:
1. electric shock
2. beatings with cables
3. being held in an extremely hot cell with a closed window and no air circulation.

The interrogators who subjected Mr. Alikhani to torture were hoping for a confession from him. For the past 10 months Mr. Alikhani has been in custody in a very uncertain legal state, without bail, trial or even a trial date.

Mr. Alikhani’s family reside in the city of Karaj and need to travel a very long distance and spend a large some of money to be able to visit their son. During the 45 days Mr. Alikhani spent in solitary confinement his family had no news of his whereabouts or health.

Mr. Javad Alikhani was arrested on October 20th 2007 along with numerous other student activists in Chemran University in the city of Ahwaz. All other students who were arrested were released on bail with the exception of Mr. Alikhani.

Mr. Alikhani has been tried in two different courts. On April 30th 2008 he was tried in the Revolutionary Court and acquitted of all charges. Further on June 8th 2008 he was tried in a criminal court before an individual called Ali Saki. He was once again acquitted, but again informed that he would have a re-trial on September 6th 2008. In order to keep Mr. Alikhani incarcerated the Regime is setting up numerous unnecessary trials with dates that are very far apart.

Individual who has a role in constantly bringing new charges against Mr. Alikhani and not granting him bail is named Barani who is a persecutor in Section 1 of the Revolutionary Court in Ahvaz. He is a former interrogator who worked for the Ministry of Intelligence.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists condemn the arrest, imprisonment and torture of this activist and urge all human rights activists and organizations to take immediate steps to help the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Alikhani.

Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran
tel: 0031620720193


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