AI Index: MDE 13/111/2008

UA 221/08
Death Penalty
12 August 2008


Shabnam Parastesh, (f), aged around 33 years

Shabnam Parastesh's death sentence has been upheld by the Supreme Court for the murder of her husband. Her execution was scheduled for 12 August and she is at imminent risk of execution.

In 2006, a criminal court in Tehran found her guilty of the murder of her husband and she has been detained for the past two years in Raja’i Shahr prison in Karaj, a city west of Tehran.

Shabnam Parastesh had been married for one month when she discovered that her husband had been married previously and that he continued to have intimate relations with his former wife and other women.

Her husband is reported to have said in the course of their final argument that she would either have to live with the situation or pay him a considerable amount of money for him to agree to divorce her.

Following this exchange, Shabnam Parastesh drugged him with a powerful relaxant and sedative as a result of which her husband fell unconscious. Shabnam Parastesh reportedly then stabbed him. With the assistance of an accomplice, Shabnam Parastesh transported her husband’s body to scrubland outside Tehran where it was later found.


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