According to news received from Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran execution of Reza Hejazi has been postponed.

Mr. Hejazi is a young offender who was taken to solitary confinement to await his execution which was scheduled for today (Tuesday, August 19th 2008 at 4:00am).

A press release was issued by Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran yesterday afternoon, urging all international human rights organizations to help stop the execution of Mr. Hejazi. Thanks to the relentless efforts of numerous international human rights organizations the execution of Mr. Hejazi has been postponed.

Unfortunately there is no news about the status of three (3) other individuals who were taken to solitary cells to await execution yesterday. the names of these individuals are:

1. Asghar Ismaili- 25 years old- Ward 2- Central Esfehan Prison
2. Mehdi Karimi- Educational Ward, Central Esfehan Prison
3. Ali Mohammadi-23 years old – Ward 4 of the Central Esfehan Prison

For a more detailed report in Farsi please refer to the website of Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran.


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