The Islamic Regime has increased its crackdown on students in the past month. According to a recent news article from Radio Farda at least 13 students have been arrested this month. Ali Ojaghi a student activist in the city of Esfehan stated that another student activist Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Habibi (a student in Mohajer University in Esfehan) had been arrested without a legal arrest warrant on July 9th 2008. His personal belongings including his computer have also been confiscated. Mr. Habibi was able to call his family Monday night stating that he was well; however there was no mention of what he had been charged with.

Further on July 31st Amnesty International issued an urgent appeal asking for the immediate and unconditional release of 12 arrested students. The names of these students are:

Mehdi Khoda’i (m), student at Azad University,
Shahre-Ray Salman Sima (m), student at Azad University,
Shahre-Ray Farzad Hassanzadeh (m), student at Mashad University
Mohamad Zerati (m), student at Mashad University
Bahareh Hedayat (f), student at Tehran University
Mohammad Hashemi (m), student at Tehran University
Majid Asadi (m), student at Alahmeh University,
Tehran Arash Rayji (m), student at Zanjan University
Hassan Joneydi (m), student at Zanjan University
Payam Shakiba (m), student at Zanjan University
Student at Bushehr University only known as ‘Anbaraki’
Student at Bushehr University only known as ‘Khoeyni’

All of the above named students have been charged with acting against national security, propaganda against the regime, propagating lies, disturbing public opinion and promoting anti-religious attitudes.

Further according to the Amir Kabir News Agency at least 40 students were summoned to the disciplinary committee in the Teachers College in Amir Kabir University. At least 8 of these individuals have been expelled from university. The names of these students are:
1. Mohammad Sharifi
2. Farogh Maaroufi
3. Amir Salari
4. Sayvan Farokhzad
5. Mosleh Fattahpour
6. Amin Arya
7. Abbas Rashidi
8. Ms. Sedaghati

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran condemns the recent crackdown on students by the Islamic Regime and urges the international community and human rights organizations to condemn the recent crackdown, arbitrary arrest, torture and imprisonment of students in Iran and to put pressure on the Islamic Regime to stop its human rights violations.

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran.


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