With the International Teachers day fast approaching, I can't help but to think about Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish teacher who was recently sentenced to death. Mr. Kamangar was brutally tortured for months before being tried behind closed doors and being sentenced to death. The charges against him have never been proved; in fact there is no proof what so ever that Mr. Kamangar was anything but a teacher and a minorities rights activist.

As far as I know atleast two organizations International Committee Against Execution and Committee for Struggle to Free Political Prisoners have chosen this special day to protest against the executions taking place in Iran in general and Farzad Kamangar's death sentence in particular.

I also announce my solidarity with Farzad Kamangar, his family and this international campaign to fight against this grave injustice. I encourage all freedom loving people to raise their voices against this atrocity and to let the Islamic Regime know that the world will not remain silent in the face of these senseless murders!!!

In memory of all brave Iranian men and women who have lost their lives on the road to freedom,
In solidarity with those who have and are risking their lives to fight against the Islamic Regime, and towards a free Iran.

Long Live Freedom
Down with Dictatorship

Sayeh Hassan


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