I urge all human rights activists and groups to support Mr. Daneshpazir in this very difficult time.

As many of you may be aware Ahmad Daneshpazir is a blogger and a political activist. Mr. Daneshpazir was arrested in his home on February 12th 2008 based on an arrest warrant from the Revolutionary Courts. Mr. Daneshpazir spent 3 months in Section 209 of the Evin Prison where he was interrogated.

Mr. Daneshpazir’s son Damun Daneshpaiz was also arrested on March 2008, because of his contact with human rights activists/organizations and the media, and his request for help in regards to his father’s situation.

He was also taken to Section 209 of the prison where he was interrogated for one week after which time he was released on bail. Both Mr. Ahmad and Damun Daneshpazir have been charged with “acting against the Regime” which carries a jail sentence of 3-12 months.

On August 13th 2007 both Mr. Ahmad and Damun Daneshpazir reported to Section 15 of the Revolutionary Court before Judge Salvati, based on a summon they had received 2 months earlier. However the trial did not go forward and was adjourned to August 13th 2008. However on August 13th the trial was once again adjourned and an arrest warrant was issued for Mr. Ahmad Daneshpazir. He was arrested and taken to the Evin Prison. According to Mr. Damun Daneshpazir his father is in a very bad physical state.

Mr. Damun Daneshpazir has asked for help and support from all human rights activist and organization in regards to his fathers situation.

The Voice of Human Rights in Iran


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